About Me

Hi, I’m Kobe, AKA the anti-static dude, founder of Antistaticdude.com.

I was always passionate about science, physics, and chemistry and the electrostatic phenomenon intrigued me a lot.

I built Antistaticdude.com to help people to understand more and to make smart buying decisions regarding anti-static, ESD, and electrostatic products.

My Electrostatic background and why they call me the anti-static dude???

Besides getting electrified from blankets, doors, and other people, my first introduction to ESD product was during my military service.

During my service, I was required to climb and take fuel examples from huge gas tanks.
For this purpose, I was required to wear special ESD shoes.

I remember this experience very well not only because I had to wear 44 size shoes on my 46.5 sized feet but because I was wondering about this weird phenomenon and the importance of these shoes for saving me(and half of the city) from a huge explosion.

But the real reason that i have received the name – Anti-static dude was because of my role as a technician and a logistic manager in Intel Israel.

I was assigned to be the manager of the ESD station installation in Intel Israel labs.

My job required me also to make sure(mostly by shouting at them) that the engineers and technicians are working by the ESD protocols and wearing their ESD bands.

This job earned me the name – the anti-static dude and many years after made me build this site.

I hope that you will find my site interesting and helpful.

Your’s truly….

Kobe – the anti static dude

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