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There are many ways that you can anti static yourself and the things around you. For example, wearing things like anti static bracelets or grounding wrists traps can make you static free. Some people like anti static sprays as they are versatile, safe to use, and pretty quick to exert their effects.

Other people may go for simple techniques like touching a grounded, metallic object inside their home to ground themselves. 

The best cure is definitely prevention, in my opinion. Try to take as many measures as possible to prevent the production and accumulation of static charges in the first place.

To achieve this, I recommend frequently moisturising your hands, using an air humidifier, using dryer sheets and fabric softener when washing your clothes, etc.

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However, sometimes static production is inevitable. In settings where you need to eliminate even very small amounts of static, you can use these additional anti static tools. One of the more innovative and effective techniques is to use an anti static gun.

In this guide, I will teach you what anti static guns are, how they work, how safe they are to use, and which anti static gun you should buy.

What are Anti Static Guns?

Anti static guns are special devices that are designed to eliminate static accumulation. These devices are called guns because they are shaped like one for easy handling, equipped with a trigger which needs to be pressed to release a stream of charges. These guns are usually made of a plastic body and are pretty easy to use.

How Do Anti Static Guns Work?

Anti static guns are usually made of a piezo-electric crystal device which operates in a cycle based on the compression and release of a trigger.

When you press the trigger on your anti static gun, it releases a steady stream of positive ions. As you start to release the trigger, negative ions are generated and released.

The positive ions attract the dust particles while the negative ions either neutralize insulating surfaces or leave behind a positive charge so that more static or dust does not accumulate.

How to Use an Anti Static Gun?

So how exactly do you use an antistatic gun? It is extremely simple to use. All you need to do is hold the anti static gun at some distance from the surface or object you want to de-static and then slowly press the trigger for around two to three seconds.

Then slowly let the trigger go, still aiming over the surface to neutralise it. Repeat the process over other parts of the object until you have covered all of it. 

Are Anti Static Guns Effective?

Extremely! I find anti static guns to be some of the most effective tools to eliminate static from all kidneys of surfaces. That is why they are so commonly used in professional settings as well.

Where Can I Use Anti Static Guns?

Your anti static gun can be used on almost anything and everything. It is a tool that is often used by electricians and those involved with electronics assembly and handling.

You can use it at home for cleaning purposes as well. They are popularly used to keep vinyl records static and dust free to prevent damage and crackling.

You can also use it on CDs and DVDs. Additionally, anti static guns can be used over fabrics, scientific equipment, desks, furniture, and other irregular surfaces around your home and workplace.

Are Anti Static Guns Safe to Use?

Yes, anti static guns are completely safe to use. They do not contain or release any hazardous or radioactive particles. They do not leave behind any residue either.

You can spray it onto any surface without worrying about significant damage, if any at all. I would only advise you to be careful about using the tool around flammable or combustible gases.

What is the Best Anti Static Gun I Can Buy?

So what is the best anti static gun that you can get? By and large, there is one name that is extremely prominent in the realm of anti static guns and it is the Zerostat anti static gun. 

1. Zerostat 3 Anti Static Gun

The ZeroStat 3 Milty Anti Static Gun uses piezo-electric crystal technology to produce ionic streams and de-static or neutralise all kinds of surfaces. It is a simple, plastic gun with a compressible trigger and is pretty straightforward to use, as explained above.

It is made to be a disposable device which can be used at least 10,000 times. In my experience, it ends up lasting you much longer anyway!

You can use this anti static gun on all kinds of surfaces, including fabric, film, glass, vinyl, plastic, etc. It does not leave behind any kind of smell or residue so some people prefer it over anti static sprays. It is also a lot more effective, at least in my experience.

It is a very popular choice amongst record owners and electricians in particular. It is a very useful tool to have in your home or workplace regardless of what you do.

Can I Make My Own Anti Static Gun?

There have been some tutorials on how you can turn things like piezoelectric lighters into anti static guns by manipulating the wiring.

However, I do not recommend making your own anti static gun and relying on it to de-static yourself and your belongings.

It is way too unreliable as you cannot really ensure that it is actually doing what it is supposed to do. It is best to purchase an anti static gun instead.

Is Buying an Anti Static Gun Worth it?

Ultimately, purchasing an anti static gun is much better than looking into DIY or alternative solutions. If you frequently work with electronics or care for dust sensitive objects such as vinyl records, then yes! Buying an anti static gun is definitely worth it as it is a very quick and effective solution.

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