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Record collecting is one of the most expensive hobbies out there, and losing the tracks due to static is the last thing you want.

This is because purchasing new records can be pretty expensive as they start from $100, and using the simple white inner sleeves isn’t enough to protect the records.

So, if you are ready to keep your records protected from dust, scuffing, and static buildup while optimizing the archival storage, we are sharing the best anti-static inner sleeves for you!

Best Anti-Static Inner Sleeves Reviews- Our Top 7 Picks

1. Invest In Vinyl 50 LP Anti-Static Inner Sleeves 


  • Industry-leading design 
  • Round bottom 
  • Thick material construction 
  • Fits 12-inches records 
  • Acid-free construction 

Protecting records is one of the biggest responsibilities of the record collectors and Invest In Vinyl has got you covered with the best anti-static inner sleeves. The inner sleeves are designed with a round bottom and have superior protection standards that offer protection from scuff marks, scratches, and tearing. In addition, it’s perfect for keeping out the dust, liquid, and dirt, promising on-point protection for valuable records. 

Given the round bottom, it promises the prevention of static buildup, and the industry-leading design only adds to the performance. In particular, the inner sleeves are made from thicker materials, promising better protection and higher durability standards. Also, it has an acid-free design that promises zero discoloration and vinyl deterioration, which streamlines the storage. Lastly, the inner sleeves are suitable for fitting the 12-inches records. 


  • Superior protection 
  • Protects records from scratches, tearing, and scuff marks 
  • Prevents static buildup 
  • Optimal storage 


  • Records don’t slide in easily 

2. Square Deal Recordings & Supplies Enclosed Inner Sleeves


  • 12-inches size 
  • HDPE material construction 
  • Rice paper for preventing static buildup 
  • Slight lip for convenient insertion of records 

If you are fond of enclosed design for better protection and storage of your records, these inner sleeves by Square Deal Recordings & Supplies are perfect for you. The inner sleeves are made from three-layer material, which delivers on-point archival quality. In particular, the sleeves are made from HDPE material with rice paper that prevents static buildup. In addition, this material and construction of the inner sleeves offer higher rigidity and streamline the insertion. 

The pack includes one hundred sleeves, and all of them are designed with a slight lip for convenient insertion of the records. The inner sleeves are designed to deliver superior protection to the records as compared to paper sleeves. Also, the sleeves are sized at 12-inches, which makes them suitable for protecting your records from dust and dirt while preventing the static electric buildup. 


  • Convenient storage 
  • High-quality construction 
  • Top-notch protection 
  • Prevents static buildup 
  • Protects from dust and dirt 


  • A bit tight for the records 

3. Invest In Vinyl Master Inner Sleeves 


  • 12-inch size 
  • Rice paper lining 
  • Thick material 
  • Acid-free construction 

Invest In Vinyl is one of the best brands for offering inner sleeves to protect the records from deterioration and damages, making these master inner sleeves a great option for you. The inner sleeves are designed to deliver top-notch protection, which helps protect the records from tears, scratches, and scuffing while keeping out moisture and dust. In addition, it has a high-end rice paper lining that prevents static development. 

The best thing about these inner sleeves is the thick material that promises higher durability. In addition, there are no acids involved in the construction of these inner sleeves that prevent the label discoloration and damage. Moreover, the rice paper lining is accurate to ensure the snug fitting of the records while offering protection from dirt and dust. Also, these are carefully sized sleeves, promising no excess paper once the records are inserted. 


  • Offers protection from dust and dirt
  • Prevents static buildup 
  • No discoloration and deterioration 
  • Durable 


  • Inconsistent sizing 

4. Mobile Fidelity Inner Sleeves 


  • Three-ply construction 
  • A pack of 50 sleeves 
  • MOFI sleeves for high-quality construction 

If you have an amazing records collection, there will be nothing better than Mobile Fidelity inner sleeves. This pack comes with 50 sleeves to ensure the records are well-kept. The inner sleeves are made with three-ply materials, which makes them a premium and durable choice.

In addition, it prevents static buildup, and it’s one of the finest sleeves for protecting valuable records. To summarize, these inner sleeves are a great way of keeping the records collection dust-free and clean. 


  • High-quality construction 
  • Premium and durable 
  • Zero static buildup 
  • Keeps the records dust-free and clean 


  • Not suitable for heavy records 

5. Collector Protector Record Sleeves 


  • 12-inches
  • Acid-free and archival paper 
  • Neutralizes the migrating acids 
  • Square bottom and long front edge 

These vinyl record sleeves are one of the best in the market as they are constructed from three-ply and soft rice paper, and it has a translucent configuration for convenient storage. The sleeves are acid-free and have an archival paper backer that helps protect the records from scratches, debris, marks, and tears. It comes in a pack of 50, and they are sized 12-inches, which streamlines the storage. Also, these sleeves are meant to last and won’t deteriorate. 

The use of archival paper actually helps neutralize the migrating acids that help absorb the moisture, which leads to the prevention of abrasion and dust. Moreover, it is a promising choice for preventing static development. The record sleeves have a square bottom and longer front edge that promise perfect fitting of the records without compromising on the loading. As a result, the records will slide in and out like a breeze. 


  • Convenient insertion 
  • Prevents the static development 
  • Absorbs moisture 
  • Prevents dust and abrasion 
  • Pack of 50 


  • Thin material, which is only suitable for casual storage 

6. Invest In Vinyl Anti-Static Vinyl Record Sleeves


  • 33 RPM construction 
  • 12-inch size 
  • Comes in 50 sleeves 
  • Squared corners 
  • Thick material construction 

If you are still looking for anti-static record sleeves, these sleeves by Invest In Vinyl are pretty suitable. The sleeves are sized at 12-inches and have 33 RPM construction for seamless storage. These sleeves are perfect for protecting valuable records from tearing, marks, scratches, and scuff by keeping the moisture, dust, and dirt at bay. In addition, this pack of sleeves has 50 sleeves to ensure your entire records collection can be stored protectively. 

The inner sleeve has squared corners and has thicker material construction that offers higher protection and durability. The best thing about these record sleeves is that they prevent vinyl deterioration, and there won’t be any discoloration of the labels. The sleeves have specialized construction with an anti-static configuration that rejects the static charges, and also, it keeps the dirt and dust at bay to prevent friction. 


  • Durable construction 
  • Rejects the static charges 
  • Prevents friction by keeping dust and dirt at bay 
  • Protective storage 
  • No label discoloration or vinyl deterioration 


  • Flimsy design that leads to weird sliding 

7. Zonon LP Anti-Static Inner Sleeves With Round Bottom 


  • Round bottom 
  • Thick material usage 
  • LP sleeves configuration 
  • Rejects static buildup 
  • Transparent and clear design 

If you are looking for protective inner sleeves to keep your valuable record collection from moisture, dirt, and dust, Zonon has got you covered with these inner sleeves. The sleeves are designed with a round bottom and are thicker as compared to standard sleeves, promising longer protection and durability. In addition, the round-bottom design aids in preventing the static buildup that streamlines the record storage. 

These are the specialized LP sleeves that reject the static charges that can damage the vinyl. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these sleeves are meant to provide transparent and clear storage, promising convenient viewing and optimizing the storage. These inner sleeves are carefully sized at 12 inches, and there are no extra paper parts on the top, so there are no compromises on the storage. 


  • Durable construction 
  • Thick material 
  • Protects from static buildup 
  • Optimizes storage 


  • Prone to crumpling 

Frequently Asked Question [FAQs]

Are Inner Sleeves Important For Records?

Yes, the inner sleeves are important for protecting the records. In addition, it helps preserve the records by preventing scuffing and dust. 

What Is The Best Way To Use Inner Sleeves?

When you get your hands on the inner sleeves, just open the top lip, insert the record, and you are ready to go.

Are Records Sold With Inner Sleeves?

No, the records are not sold with inner sleeves, and you have to purchase them separately for storing the records. 

Is Rice Paper Good For Record Sleeves?

Yes, rice paper is a promising choice for record sleeves because it helps prevent static electricity buildup. 

The Bottom Line 

The records collection is one of the most prevalent hobbies out there, and it wouldn’t be wrong to call it an expensive one. For this reason, optimal and on-point protection is essential to keep the records protected, and prevention of static only keeps the tracks safe. 

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