14 Best Anti Static Products for Hair That Will Keep it Beautiful and Static-Free




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Who says managing frizzy hair during the fall and winter seasons has to be so difficult? In this extensive guide, we will explore how you can solve the issue of frizzy, frazzy, all over the place hair using the best anti-static products.

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14 Best Anti Static Products for Hair

That is right- there are several anti static products and treatments that you can use to make your hair more manageable and mitigate the effects of accumulating static charge.

Static electricity is something we occasionally hear of here and there, especially in science class when you do those little experiments with balloons and pieces of paper. But the applications and effects of static electricity actually go well beyond fun little school projects.

In fact, some of the potential effects of static charge can be downright devastating in some fields.

Why is Static Charge Such a Nuisance?

Static Electricity

When two objects or surfaces are rubbed against each other, it results in the transfer of particles called electrons. The loss and gain of these particles gives the surface either a positive or a negative charge respectively.

As a result, these surfaces will attract each other or will look to discharge as a little zap of electricity. While this electric shock has no chance of hurting you, it can certainly cause damage to the accuracy of highly sensitive, complex, and precise electronic equipment around you.

Other times, static charge can just be straight up annoying. For example, all of us know how rough, frizzy, and dry everyone’s hair gets during the winter season. The culprit in this case is also static electricity.

The air becomes extremely dry in the colder seasons which increases friction all around you. The increased friction produces a static charge and makes your hair stand on its tips.

How Should I Take Care of My Hair?

Take Care of My Hair

Regardless of whether you are a male or female, your hair is one of the most aesthetically pleasing parts of your person. Anytime you want to appear more presentable, you always check up on and do your hair in a way that looks good.

Unfortunately, your hair is also one of the most difficult parts of your personality to look after. It is so easy to let it go bad and end up with balding spots mere months after being praised for having a full, healthy head of shiny, silky hair.

There are endless products lining the shelves when you venture into the ‘hair care’ aisle. Some are meant to make the strands stronger, some provide nutrition to your scalp and roots, and some help you style it in unique ways.

But ultimately, the goal of all of these products and treatments is to make your hair more manageable. And manageability of hair is never greater of an issue as it is during the cold, winter seasons.

How Do Anti Static Hair Products Work?

Anti Static Hair Products Work

With the colder season fast approaching, you will have already started to experience the adverse effects on your head.

Fortunately, with the help of some effective anti-static products and treatments, you can keep your hair at bay. But how exactly do these products work? I will talk about the basic principle that gives these products the power to resist static charge and its annoying effects.

Like I mentioned before, winter seasons bring with them dryer air that produces more friction and facilitates the buildup of electrostatic charge whenever you run a comb through the strands.

Most anti static hair products add moisture to your hair and scalp so that the amount of friction decreases and no charge is produced and accumulated in the first place.

Keeping your hair hydrated and well nourished not only saves you from wayward strands, but also encourages the growth of healthy, strong hair. Many of the products we will discuss are designed to improve the overall quality of your hair apart from sealing the cuticle to prevent static buildup.

Best Anti Static Hair Products and Treatments

hair Products and Treatments

My goal over some time has been to search for and compile a comprehensive list of some of the best anti static products for all types of hair.

When you set out on your search, you will undoubtedly find hundreds of options in regards to brands and types of treatments, but you have to settle on a product that is as effective in practical use as it claims to be.

Many of these products will draw you in with their scientific words and false claims, and we do not want you to waste your money when you can just as easily save it.

So refer to this guide whenever you or anyone around you starts to feel fed up because of their frizzy, untamed, winter hair.

I have divided the various products based on their type and how you use them so you have plenty of variety. I have also included affordable options along with some higher-end ones so you can go whichever route fits your budget best.

Best Anti Static Hair Brushes

Lets begin with the most basic item on the list: an effective anti static hairbrush. Brushing your hair with a tool that actively resists charge buildup will significantly help you keep the frizz in check. So here are some of the best anti static hair brushes on the market right now:

1. Positively 33 Blownout Thermic Round Brush

Hair Brushes

A sturdy and dependable anti static hairbrush, the Positively 33 Blownout Thermic Brush is made of ceramic and an ion infused material, making it positively the best at dealing with static charge accumulation in hair. Perfect for use during blow drying or simple hair brushing, use this for an ideally sleek and professional look.

2. GHD Paddle Brush

ghd paddle brush
Image source: ghdhair.com

The GHD Paddle Brush is a very high quality brush that you can get for pretty cheap. This salon quality paddle brush has an easy to grip handle and a large, flat face that resists the production of static charge. Thus, it can be used to create professional hairstyles and looks without worrying about unwanted frizz and friction.

3. Spornette Anti Static Vent Bush

Extremely lightweight and crafted on a unique, revolutionary design, the Spornette Anti Static Vent Bush is designed to counter both frizz and static. The base of the brush has specially designed and placed pockets that allow the passage of air. The ventilation ensures that no air gets trapped and produces static charge on your hair.

Best Anti Static Hair Shampoos

As I mentioned before, one way to reduce static buildup on hair is to make sure it remains hydrated. Most of the anti static hair shampoos aim to moisturize your hair so that they have the hydration that is needed to combat dry air and friction.

4. Rahua Hydration Shampoo

The Rahua Hydration Shampoo utilizes Amazonian oils and protein to revitalize your hair, strengthen it, and add moisture to allow it to combat frizziness. Not only that, but it also nourishes your scalp and keeps it healthy.

5. Brandywine Non Static Shampoo

non static revitalizing conditioner
Image source: rahua.com

You will be able to find Brandywine’s non-static shampoo easily on Amazon where it is available for around $10. Affordable yet extremely effective, the anti-static shampoo serves to keep your hair healthy, protected, and free of frizz. It can be used on real hair as well as synthetic hair.

6. FORM Cleanse Gentle Shampoo

The Cleanse shampoo line by FORM is designed to deal with sensitive hair and offers a deep cleanse that thoroughly shines the strands and revitalizes the scalp.

In addition to its refreshing and reenergizing properties, the FORM Cleanse Gentle Shampoo is also anti-static in nature, meaning it prevents the buildup of charge to help keep your hair smooth and shiny at all times.

Best Anti Static Hair Conditioners

Moving on from shampoos, if you do not want to change the one you are currently using, you can go for an anti static conditioner instead. Here are some of the best anti static hair conditioners available for purchase today:

7. R+Co TELEVISION Perfect Hair Conditioner

TELEVISION Perfect Hair Conditioner
Image source: randco.com

Although it is on the higher end of the cost scale, it is certainly well with the price. The TELEVISION Perfect Hair Conditioner from R+Co is inundated with natural extracts and seed oils that serve to nourish the roots, soften the hair, and add a glorious shine that pairs wonderfully with its anti static effect.

8. Amika Silken Up Dry Conditioner

Image source: amika.com.hk

If you are used to using dry conditioners instead, here is an effective anti static option for you as well. Laden with vitamins and safe, natural ingredients, the anti static is delivered in spray form which dries up quickly and weightlessly on your hair, leaving behind no residue. The dry conditioner will keep your hair soft, smooth, and incredibly silky.

9. Super Comb Prep & Protect

This is another conditioning product that is perfect for individuals that are on the go and need a quick fix. The Super Comb leave-in conditioner detangles the hair, prevents frizz formation, and provides nourishment for damaged cells, making it soft, smooth, and moisturized.

Best Anti Static Hair Dryers

One of the biggest culprits that puts your hair at risk of becoming frizzy and unmanageable for the rest of the day. Using a hair dryer machine creates a lot of friction and dries up your hair, causing them to accumulate static charge. Fountately, we have anti static hair dryers that employ various mechanisms to prevent the buildup of static charge.

10. HOT TOOLS Professional Ionic Anti Static Hair Dryer

Hot Tools Hot Tools Professional Ionic Anti-Static 1875 Watt Salon Dryer Model No. 1035
Image Source: kmart.com

The HOT TOOLS anti static hair dryer is strong and powerful, operating at a power of 1875 Watts. As a result,it provides a consistently steady airflow that can be used to dry as well as style your hair. You also have two-speed options and six different settings for the heat level. It uses direct ion technology to help prevent frizz that often forms after hairdryer usage.

11. Sahira Anti Static Hair Dryer by Wella

Sahira Anti Static professional hair dryer
Image source: wella.com

Wella’s Sahira Hair Dryer works amazingly for anti static and styling purposes alike. The dryer itself is powerful, working at 1600 Watts, and employs a complex mechanism to ensure that your hair remains safe and protected from the effects of friction and static electricity, resulting in smooth, silky hair always. 

Best Anti Static Hair Mists

One of the easiest ways to rid your hair from static charge is to use an anti static mist or spray there are many sprays that are designed for hair. All you need to do is spray the mist onto your hair and allow the formula to work its magic.

12. Drybar Sparkling Soda Shine Mist

A superfine mist that is designed to keep your hair healthy, smooth, and shiny, the Drybar Sparkling Soda Mist is a pretty good investment. Not only does it reduce static charge to keep flyaways under control, but also strengthens your hair while imparting a lustrous sheen. It is perfect for use with all types of hair.

13. Oribe Foundation Mist

The Oribe Foundation Mist is a very in-demand anti static product for hair that you may find a bit difficult to find. If you do, however, it is well worth the effort. The stylish bottle gives you just under 7 ounces of highly effective anti static spray that detangles your hair, prevents the accumulation of charge, supplies the scalp with nutrients, and reinstills its shine.

14. IGK Laidback Defrizz Anti Static Spray

IGK has made its name as one of the best brands to go to for anti-static hair products, including the Laidback Defrizz Anti Static Spray. Lightweight, hydrating, and incredibly nourishing, this anti-static spray is perfect for several hair types and keeps your hair shiny, smooth, and fragrant.

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