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As a vehicle owner, there are not many sights better than a freshly maintained car. Taking care of your vehicle goes far beyond just wiping it down every so often. From the exterior to the interior, there are a lot of products you could- and should- use to keep your car in top shape.

Apart from the obvious dirt and grime, you also need to make sure that you are doing your best to keep your vehicle safe from static discharge. This is an issue that often goes ignored by a lot of new car owners and even some seasoned ones.

With an array of products and techniques at your disposal, there is no reason for you to risk the damage and negative effects that come with static on cars.

In this guide, we will discuss how the static gets on your vehicle in the first place, how helpful anti static quick detailers are to prevent it, and what are some of the best ones that you can get.

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Static Build Up on Cars- How Does it Happen?

You probably already have some idea about how static works. The principle behind it is that whenever two surfaces rub against each other, electrons are mechanically transmitted from one surface to the other because of the friction. As a result, the surface losing the electrons gets a positive charge and the surface gaining them gets a negative charge. 

The development of charges on any surface can be potentially dangerous. This is because the electrons will seek to be discharged at any given moment which can produce a spark. If experienced on your person, it can be uncomfortable. However, if it is exposed to an inflammable material, it can put you and your belongings in serious danger.

As you drive your car, the metallic exterior experiences a lot of friction against the air. This causes the generation of a static charge on the chassis which can be quite a nuisance.

Just How Damaging is this Static Charge?

As I mentioned before, feeling a static discharge on yourself can be an uncomfortable shock. You may have experienced this already- a jolt of electricity when you go to open your card door or touch the steering wheel. However, there are other negative effects of static charge on cars as well.

For example, static charge on the chassis or the dashboard of the car can encourage dust buildup which can be a nuisance. It causes the dust to stick more vehemently to the surfaces which can make it difficult to clean or just wipe off.

If the dust and particles get inside the vents, it can interfere with the air conditioning and heating later down the line. Static charge has also been shown to interfere with radio performance and induce motion sickness.

How Can I Prevent Static Charge on My Car?

All in all, you will be much better off taking the necessary precautions to present static build up on your car. There are multiple ways you can choose to go about this. First of all, there are a lot of anti static sprays, cleaners, and detailers that are designed to prevent the generation of static charges in the first place. You can also get anti static cloths and wipes to clean the interior of the car.

On the other hand, you can use the likes of anti static straps to give the static a safe passageway to discharge to the ground without causing any interference or damage.

Personally, I prefer to prevent static build up altogether. Not to mention, since I will be using a detailer every so often anyway, I might as well use an anti static one!

What are Anti Static Quick Detailers?

Car detailing involves cleaning and polishing exterior as well as interior surfaces to make them shine. An anti static quick details ris meant to make your life easier by making your vehicle surfaces resistant to developing static charge over a period of time.

In my personal experience, anti static quick detailers have been some of the best car products I have used so I would definitely recommend using one of these instead of just a regular detailer. 

The Best 7 Anti Static Quick Detailers Review

I have tried and tested a number of different kinds and brands of anti static quick detailers. Below is a list of some of the best ones that I would recommend for you to check out:

1. Rebel Rubber and Vinyl by Renegade Products

Products Information:

Brand‎Renegade Products USA
Item Weight‎1.5 pounds
Package Dimensions‎9.17 x 5.16 x 3.5 inches

Renegade Products’ Rebel Rubber and Vinyl is one of the best silicone based interior detailers in my opinion. It hydrates all kinds of car surfaces really well- you can use it on your tires, the entire chassis, the dashboard, accessories, etc.

It leaves behind a very obvious shine with a matte finish which I really like even though there is no sticky residue. I also do not struggle with dust as much after applying this detailer.

2. Adam’s Polishes Interior Detailer

Recently, I have been using Adam’s Polishes Interior Detailer on the recommendation of a friend. I was looking for a formula that serves the purpose well enough but has a better smell and found myself pretty satisfied with this one.

The anti static effect is great, it does not leave behind any residue, and has a really nice, clean odour which is not too overwhelming or floral.

3. Adam’s Microban Interior Detailer

You could also go one step further, and get the Microban Detailer by Adam’s. I have not used this one personally but it seems to have pretty much the same properties as Adam’s other polishing detailers.

The only addition is that apart from the anti static properties, it also has powerful antibacterial capabilities which keeps your surfaces clean and microbe free (a pretty significant concern in recent times!). Not to mention its formula also neutralises unpleasant odours which is a helpful plus.

4. 303 Speed Detailer

Products Information:

Brand‎303 Products
Item Weight‎1 pounds
Product Dimensions‎1.86 x 3.79 x 10.9 inches

If you are concerned about sensitive surfaces like chrome surfaces and glass, then the 303 Speed Detailer is a pretty safe choice that I like to use from time to time as well. The formula is grease-free, streak-free, and strongly anti static without using any silicone oils that can potentially damage sensitive coats.

It dries up pretty quick and has really good polishing results. This one also goes a long way in preventing colour fading of the surfaces exposed to the sun.

5. Torque Detail Waterless Detailer

Products Information:

Brand‎Torque Detail
Item Weight‎1.15 pounds
Package Dimensions‎9.96 x 4.06 x 2.8 inches

Torque is one of the best multipurpose cleaning/detailing agents you can get with anti static properties. All you need to do is spray it on and wipe it down.

It gives you the same effect as washing your car would without ever requiring any water or mess. It gives a nice shine, makes the surfaces resistant to static charge, and repels dirt.

6. Chemical Guys Speed Wipe Quick Detailer

This is a pretty popular choice among anti static car detailers. The Chemical Guys Speed Wipe Quick Detailer is meant to reduce static by 75% after use. It also resists damage from dust and scratches without leaving behind any noticeable residue.

7. Static Guard Spray

You can also go for the simplest and safest option which is the Static Guard Spray. It is the best selling multi purpose anti static spray in the United States and I can’t really pick out any faults in it. While it may not offer the degree of detailing finesse and polish that some of the others on this list do, it definitely gets the job done.

It is very quick acting, does not leave behind any streak marks or residue on the dashboard, and works pretty well at eliminating static. So if you are on a budget crunch, try using Static Guard.

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