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So, you are going out and have picked the perfect outfit – you might have the makeup look ready. However, many people don’t pay attention to how their hair will look.

In most cases, people have a hard time styling their hair because blow-drying leads to static, which ruins the entire glam look.

Honestly, this damage is usually done by the wrong brush – yes, the brush is the culprit. 

Having said that, if you are trying to reduce static and frizz in your hair, you need to replace your regular brush with the anti-static round brush, and we have reviewed some of the best ones in this article!

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List Of 10 Best Anti-Static Round Brush Reviews

1. Conair Pro Round Hair Brush 

If you need a round brush that not only removes static but creates a professional hairstyle, there can be nothing better than this Conair Pro hair brush.

The brush is designed with nylon bristles that are specifically curated for hairstyling and blow-drying. The brush is a suitable choice for professionals to create a voluminous, soft, and glossy hairstyle. 

The hair brush is suitable for every hair type, including coarse hair, curly hair, and wavy hair. The bristles have a ball tip that helps achieve perfect blow-dry, and the soft-ridged grip promises comfortable hairstyling. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this hair brush is perfect for achieving the salon-like hairstyle without breaking your bank. 


  • Nylon bristles 
  • Ball-tip bristles 
  • Soft-ridged grip 


  • Suitable for different types of hair 
  • Adds shine and volume to hair 
  • Convenient to use 
  • Affordable 
  • Comfortable experience 
  • Prevents electrostatic charges 


  • None 

2. Olivia Garden NanoThermic Hair Brush

Olivia Garden is one of the best brands when it comes down to purchasing premium hairstyling brushes, as they always focus on innovation. This hair brush is widely used by professional hairstylists as it’s considered the best tool for hairstyling. The hair brush is designed to transform your frizzy hair into bouncy, smooth, and shiny tresses. 

The hair brush is integrated with nano thermic technology, which helps create healthy hair by reducing frizz and adding long-lasting shine. On top of everything, it is available in eight different sizes, so you can choose the brush according to the hair length. 


  • Nano thermic technology 
  • Innovative design 
  • Helps achieve shiny and bouncy hair 


  • Helps reduce the drying time 
  • Hydrates the hair 
  • Long-lasting shine 
  • Ergonomic handle 


  • Gets overheated 

3. Care Me Blowout Round Hair Brush

Choosing a round hair brush can be pretty challenging but Care Me has got you covered with this one. The hair brush is designed with boar bristles and is made from a pure material, and comes with nylon ball tips to ensure seamless hairstyling without creating any static. In addition, the hair brush is designed with the honeycomb design and iconic haircare technology that helps with styling. 

The hair brush is a promising choice for conditioning the hair as it disperses natural oil all around the scalp. Having said that, it will reduce frizz and static charges by retaining the moisture in hair while adding luster and volume to the hair. The best thing about this hair brush is that it reduces your blow-dry time by half. 


  • Made from 100% boar hair 
  • Honeycomb design 
  • Iconic haircare technology 


  • Convenient to use 
  • Adds volume and shine 
  • Eliminates static and frizz 
  • Promises even hair dispersion 
  • Suitable for every hair type 


  • Bristles are prone to breakage 

4. Fagaci Professional Round Brush

This is a professional-grade hair brush that’s designed with pure and 100% natural boar bristles that don’t damage the hair. There are four hair clips with a multifunctional design, making it a reliable choice for hairstyling and blow-drying. The best thing about the boar bristles is that they spread out natural oil across the scale and stimulate blood circulation for better hair growth. 

It comes with the iconic ceramic design, which not only reduces frizz but also adds volumes while drying up the wet hair. On top of everything, the hair brush has a splitting needless on the tail for sectioning the hair, so you don’t need to use multiple tools on your hair. 


  • Pure boar bristles 
  • Iconic ceramic design 
  • Splitting needle for sectioning the hair 


  • Reduces frizz and static charge 
  • Antibacterial configuration 
  • Even heat distribution 
  • Helps clean the scalp 
  • Hair conditioning 
  • Promotes blood circulation 


  • Bristles are prone to breakage 

5. SUPRENT Round Brush

A round brush is one of the most important hairstyling tools, and this one by SUPRENT makes an apt choice. It is one of the best brushes for straightening, curling, and blow-drying the hair. The hair brush is integrated with a nano ionic barrel as well as boar bristles that help seal the hair cuticles and creates a smooth hair texture, ranging from roots to ends. 

The round brush does a great job at distributing the natural oil on the scalp, which improves blood circulation. The higher circulation promises shiny and healthy hair while reducing the frizz and increasing the hair’s volume. On top of everything, it has a lightweight and ergonomic design, promising a seamless hairstyling experience. 


  • Nano ionic barrel 
  • Boar bristles 
  • Higher circulation 
  • Distributes natural oil 


  • Reduces the blow-drying 
  • Adds shine and volume
  • Enhances the hair growth 
  • Heat-resistant 
  • Anti-static nature 


  • None 

6. FIXBODY Round Hair Brush

In case you’ve been looking for an anti-static roller hair brush, this is one of the best choices by FIXBODY. The hair brush is particularly designed for reducing frizz, resulting in shiny and healthy hair. The brush is integrated with nano ionic technology, which helps blow-dry the hair while curling and straightening. 

The hair brush has boar bristles that help spread the natural sebum across the scalp and lubricates every hair stand. It comes with a retractable section on the bottom side which does a great job at picking out loose hair from the bristles that help keep the brush clean. 


  • Boar bristles 
  • Nano ionic technology 
  • Retractable design for picking loose hair 


  • Adds shine and volume to hair 
  • Anti-slip design in grips 
  • Easy to use 
  • Comfortable design 
  • Anti-static 


  • Bristles are not durable 

7. EcoTools Aluminum Round Hair Brush

The hair brushes have been around for ages, but this round hair brush by EcoTools is truly an impressive choice. The hair brush is designed with a ribbed aluminum barrel made from recycled materials, which optimizes the airflow, hence quick hairstyling. The hair brush is designed to meet the needs of long hair and medium hair. 

The round hair brush is perfect for reducing frizz and increasing volume. In addition, it does a great job of conditioning the hair and creating a salon-like hairstyle. On top of everything, the hair brush is designed with recycled aluminum in the barrel, making it a unique and eco-friendly choice. 


  • Aluminum ribbed barrel 
  • Conditions the hair 
  • The barrel is made from recycled aluminum 
  • Eco-friendly 


  • Reduces frizz and static 
  • Adds shine 
  • Prevents hair breakage 
  • High-quality construction 
  • Cruelty-free and eco-friendly 


  • Expensive 

8. Cricket Technique Barrel Hair Brush

If your hair bothers you with static, this hair brush by Cricket Technique is one of the best choices as it promises static-free hairstyling. The hair brush is designed with ionic bristles made from tourmaline, which infuses moisture to the scalp and hair shaft, promising smooth and shiny hair. The best thing about this hair brush is that it has static-free and heat-resistant bristles that tame the flyaways and baby hair. 

The hair brush is known for its easy-grip handle, which also comes with a hair-sectioning needless that helps section the hair and style them. On top of everything, the hair brush is designed in eight sizes, making them perfect for different hairstyling needs. 


  • Ionic bristles 
  • Static-free and heat-resistance bristles 
  • Hair-sectioning needle 


  • Easy to use and hold 
  • Promises static-free styling 
  • Smoothens your hair 
  • Adds shine 
  • Tames the baby hair and flyaways 


  • It is not durable enough 

9. GranNaturals Boar Bristle Round Hair Brush

If you need one round hair brush for different types of hairstyling, this one by GranNaturals is the best choice. This is because it can be used for styling the hair, including blow-drying and curling. It is integrated with boar bristles that help improve the hair luster as well as the health, promising a gorgeous and glossy look. 

The hair brush surely lifts up the hair and adds body to the hair, ranging from roots to hair to create a bouncy look. The hair brush has a wooden handle with grooves to optimize the grip. GranNaturals hair brush is actually a great choice for people who travel a lot because it’s small, making it easy to carry around (it can fit in your purse as well). 


  • Pure boar bristles 
  • Grooved wooden handle 
  • Portable design 
  • Adds luster and bounce to the hair 


  • Portable 
  • Perfect for short hair 
  • Ergonomic handle 
  • Adds bounce and volume 
  • Tames the baby hair 


  • Doesn’t work with fine hair 

10. Osensia Professional Round Brush

As the name suggests, this is a professional hair brush with a round design that’s particularly designed by Osensia. It works like magic on every type of hair and helps achieves a shiny, soft, and healthy hair appearance. The round brush is designed to obtain stunningly voluminous hair. The brush has a ceramic barrel that promises seamless airflow for blow-drying. 

The brush also has ionic antibacterial and anti-static bristles that add shine to your hair while eliminating static charge. The best thing about this brush is that it prevents hair breakage and adds shine to your dull hair. Not to forget, it is integrated with an ergonomic handle, so you can blow-dry your hair for hours without aching your wrist. 


  • Ionic antibacterial and anti-static bristles 
  • Ceramic barrel for improved airflow 
  • Ergonomic handle 


  • Lightweight 
  • Detangles the hair 
  • Prevents static and frizz 
  • Adds volume to hair 
  • Perfect for heat styling 


  • Expensive 

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

Which type of brushes should be used for preventing static?

All the hair brushes in the article mentioned above are sufficient for preventing and eliminating static from the hair. 

Are brushes anti-static?

Yes, the hair brushes are anti-static, but you need to use special hair brushes for that purpose. 

Are boar bristles helpful to prevent static?

The boar bristles are perfect for drawing oil from the scalp and distributing it all over the hair strands, promising the prevention of static. 

Can I use hair brush with nylon bristles?

Yes, nylon bristles can also prevent static buildup but make sure the brushes have high-density nylon bristles. 

What is the suitable size for a round brush?

If you have short hair, the round brush should have bristles of over 1.5 inches. On the other hand, if you have medium-length hair, you can opt for hair brush with over 3 inches bristles. 

The Bottom Line 

We all know the struggle of taming baby hair and getting rid of static in flyaways, but you can surely depend on these round hair brushes mentioned in the article to style your hair to perfection.

We have reviewed the hair brushes to make sure there are no compromises on the effectiveness and performance. 

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