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Imagine you are sitting at a gathering while wearing the new tights, and your hand is shrugged off with the charges on the tights – how weird it will be!

The tights are notorious for creating static and it’s enough to put you off.

However, if you are a regular user of tights and need something anti-static, we have come up with the best tights that you can find that’s not only anti-static but has perfect stitching and breathability as well.

So, are you ready to check out the tights that we have selected?

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List Of 6 Best Anti-Static Tights Review

1. Seasum High-Waist Yoga Pants

No tights offer fitting better than high-waist yoga pants, and that’s the reason we have chosen these pants by Seasum. The pants are designed with the textured design and butt-sculpting stitching to make sure you have a comfortable experience while working out.

The pants are designed with a hip-boosting fit and are made with the high-stretch and comfortable fabric that’s meant to keep you happy and breezy. 

The pants are available in eight sizes and more than fifty colors (54, to be precise) to make sure there is something or everything. Not to forget, the fabric is carefully chosen to ensure there is no static buildup. 


  • High-waist design 
  • Butt-sculpting stitching 
  • Hip-boosting fit 
  • High-stretch and anti-static fabric 


  • Breezy 
  • Cute ruching 
  • Comfortable 
  • Squat-proof 
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes 


  • The basic colors are hard to get as they go out of stock 

2. Satina High-Waist Leggings

These are the high-waist leggings and they are an absolute steal with the top-notch fabric and even better stitching. These leggings are perfect for people who want the experience of high-end brands without compromising on affordability.

They are made from super-soft material and have a squat-proof design to ensure there are no hindrances in your daily chores and workout. 

The leggings are designed with the anti-static configuration and are quite versatile to wear when you have errands to run. In addition, it has a no-slip waistband, which promises perfect fitting and added support. The best thing about these leggings is that they are thin but you won’t have to worry about see-through factor. 


  • Squat-proof design 
  • No-slip waistband 
  • Feels of high-end brands 


  • Durable 
  • Stretchy 
  • Anti-static 
  • Breezy 
  • Not see through at all 
  • Provide added support 


  • Only available in two sizes 

3. Colorfulkoala High-Waist 7/8 Yoga Pants With Pockets

If you are someone who misses pockets in their pants and tights, these yoga pants by Colorfulkoala are the perfect choice. These yoga pants are made from stretchy and buttery fabric that’s soft on the skin and doesn’t cause any harshness and itching.

These pants are designed for everyone, irrespective of the fact that you want to lounge around or indulge in high-intensity workouts. 

The pants are available in five sizes and can be found in 38 colors to match your preferences. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these yoga pants have become very famous and they surely live up to the hype. The pants are comfortable and have a perfect fitting. The best thing about these pants is the fine balance between stretch and compression. 


  • Available in 38 colors and five sizes 
  • Buttery and stretchy fabric 
  • Perfect combination of stretch and compression 
  • Well-constructed


  • High-quality fabric 
  • Durable stitching 
  • Multiple sizes and colors 
  • Suitable for workouts and regular use 


  • None 

4. Hue Cotton Ultra Leggings

There is no material more comfortable than cotton, and these leggings are made from 100% pure cotton. These are perfect for people who prefer to wear tights on a regular basis because it provides the comfort and stretch that you adore. The leggings are perfect for intense workouts, for running errands, and for lounging around in your home. 

The legging are designed with the lightweight material which promises a breezy and comfortable experience throughout the summer months.

Since it has an opaque material, many people worry about the see-through factor but you don’t need to worry about it. Also, the leggings have a thick waistband, which helps achieve the best fitting and support around the waist. 


  • 100% pure cotton 
  • Versatile design 
  • Lightweight material 
  • Opaque design 
  • Thick waistband 


  • Comfortable and breezy 
  • Durable 
  • Helps feel structured 
  • Better fitting and support 


  • Expensive 

5. Crz Yoga High-Waist Yoga Pants With Pockets

There is nothing better than wearing comfortable yoga pants that come with pockets – how amazing does it sound? Well, Crz has listened to your wishes because they have designed the high-waist yoga pants, which are designed with pockets to keep your belongings.

The leggings are incredibly soft and breathable, which makes them suitable for yoga and running. 

When it comes down to the pockets, the pocket is big enough to store your large phone. The pants have a breathable and stretchy fabric, which makes them squat-free.

It tends to be a bit see-through when they are stretched too much. On top of everything, the yoga pants come with an affordable price tag and it surely provides value. 


  • Deep and big pocket 
  • High-waist design 
  • Highly elastic waistband
  • Squat-free


  • Suitable for different uses 
  • Stretchy and breathable 
  • Anti-static 
  • Affordable 


  • The bottom is not hemmed 

6. Colorfulkoala High-Waist Pattern Leggings 

These pattern leggings have been quite a hype in the past few months and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they live up to this hype.

The leggings are squat-proof with a breathable and soft design. The leggings are designed with gentle compression waistband which not only promises seamless support but comfortable fit as well. 

The leggings are true to their size, and are actually suitable for ladies with wide and big bottoms. This is because it hugs all the curves to promise a flattering fit (it’s equally great for women with the small frame. The leggings are made from top-notch material, which is moisture-wicking, breathable, and soft. 


  • Suitable for highly intense workout 
  • Gentle compression waistband 
  • True to size 
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable design 


  • Perfect fitting 
  • Durable stitching 
  • Added support
  • Suitable for wide and small frames 


  • Limited patterns 

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

What Is The Diy Method Of Stopping Static In The Tights?

You can spray some hairspray on the tights to make sure you don’t struggle with the static. 

What Can Be Done To Prevent The Clinging Of Tights?

If possible, it is suggested to rub your legs against each other. In addition, you can rub a dryer sheet to stop the clinging. On the other hand, if you are wearing a dress with pantyhose, it’s best to wear a petticoat. 

How To Get Rid Of Static While Wearing Stockings?

The only solution is to rub some lotion all over the legs before you wear the stockings. On the other hand, if you are already out of the house. You can rub some on the pantyhose by sneaking into a place. 

Can Static Go Away On Its Own?

It is not possible to get rid of the static fully but you can always invest in a humidifier to lessen such instances. 

The Bottom Line 

The bottom line is that tights have become an essential part of our apparel. However, the majority of people avoid them because they aren’t a fan of static buildup but all the tights and leggings mentioned in this article are carefully chosen to prevent the static buildup and promise utmost comfort and breathability. 

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