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It doesn’t matter if you have purchased a new bedroom set or have inherited the antique wooden furniture; daily use, direct sunlight, and dust can result in a loss of luster and shine of the wood. In particular, it happens when you don’t focus on regular polishing.

Best Anti-Static Furniture Polish Reviews

The majority of people choose hardwood floor cleaners on their furniture but using well-designed anti-static furniture polish is the most recommended choice. 

This is because the furniture polishes used on mahogany or oak-based furniture are different from the polishes used on the hardwood floors. The furniture polishes are particularly formulated for adding luster to furniture, which makes sure it repels dust and static buildings.

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So, let’s check out some of the best anti-static furniture polishes that not only repel static but keep the dirt and fingertips at bay!

List Of 8 Best Anti-Static Furniture Polish Reviews

1. Pledge Multi-Surface Furniture Polish Spray

Applying the furniture spray evenly can be pretty challenging, which is why we are focusing on spray-based polish. This is the 6-in-1 silicon and aerosol spray that’s suitable for steel, laminate, leather, wood, quartz, and granite polisher. Every spray can has a 9.7-ounce capacity, which is directly sprayed on the furniture surface and is blended with a cloth. 

It can work on regular wood furniture to provide a shiny and glossy sheen that repels the dirt without leaving behind waxy buildup. In addition, it can trap over 90% of the dust allergens, making it suitable for people who have allergies. In fact, it leaves behind a lemony scent, which leaves a fresh scent in the home. It’s a versatile polish, and you won’t have to worry about the sticky residue. 

It can easily clear off smudges and dust from the hard surfaces. However, you need to remember that it only works on a nonporous surface, or else the furniture will look dull. 


  • Silicon-based formulation 
  • Aerosol application 
  • Lemon scent 
  • 9.7-ounce capacity in one can 


  • Doesn’t leave a sticky residue 
  • Mild scent 
  • Suitable for wood as well as non-wood surfaces 
  • Glossy sheen 
  • Repels dirt 
  • Traps dust allergens 


  • Only suitable for nonporous materials 

2. Pine-Sol Furniture, Polish 4-in-1 Cleaning 

Pine-Sol has coined its name in the cleaning industry, and they are actually known for their floor cleaners. In addition, they have a promising range of cleaners available to clean different surfaces. As far as the furniture cleaner is concerned, this four-in-one polish is designed as a mineral oil-based formulation, which is meant to clean the wood and enhance its appearance. 

It’s a great choice for people who don’t like citrus scents because this furniture polish is based on pine scent. Since it has an oilier formulation, it’s recommended that you use it for wood veneers and wood. It can leave behind an appealing sheen on surfaces, and the excess oil can be easily buffed. Overall, it’s an affordable polish that’s meant to keep the furniture dust-free glossy, and free of static. 


  • Emulsion formulation 
  • Aerosol application
  • Pine scent 
  • Mineral-oil formulation 


  • Affordable 
  • Suitable for wood veneer and wood 
  • Doesn’t leave behind the oily residues 
  • Prevents static buildup 
  • Promises glossy shine
  • Pine scent 


  • Only suitable for hardwood and nonporous furniture 

3. Guardsman 461500 Clean & Polish For Wood Furniture

The furniture polish is available in 16-ounce spray bottles and is designed as an emulsion polish. It is formulated to offer a low-luster shine, along with a natural yet highly pleasant and appealing woodland scent. It can be used for a variety of wood surfaces, so you don’t need to purchase different types of polishes at home. All you’ve to do is to pour some on the cloth and rub/buff it on the furniture. 

It can be used for bigger furniture pieces, such as dressers and tables, because it pours more polish (a spray would be better). The best thing about this polisher is that it can mask the scratches on wooden surfaces and offers protection from UV-related discoloration and stains. The polish has an easier spread, and less is more (it has a creamy texture). 


  • Emulsion and creamy formulation 
  • Liquid application 
  • Woodland scent 


  • Masks the scratches 
  • Less is more
  • No chances of residues 
  • Easy to spread 
  • Covers discoloration 
  • Fixes the static buildup 


  • It cannot be used on surfaces other than wood 

4. Old English Lemon Oil Furniture Polish 

The furniture polish is available in a pack of six, so you can enjoy the natural patina of the furniture. The furniture polish has a mineral oil formulation which is great for furniture pieces that have an oil finishing. This is a great polish for smaller pieces and antique furniture with intricate details – yes, it can be used on shelves and chairs. 

The twelve-ounce bottle of polish has a spray design, so you can spray some on the furniture surface and buff it with a piece of cloth. You need to buff the spray in the direction of wood grain that promises a sheen and fills the room with almond and lemon scents. In addition to offering the polishing effect, the furniture polish helps protect the furniture from static building, fingerprints, watermarks, and other spills. 

It’s a great option for adding a protection layer and shine to wooden furniture surfaces. The polish has an oily base, which is why it must be used in minimal amounts. It goes well with mildly stained and raw wood, and you can get the cans refilled. 


  • Oil-based formulation 
  • Liquid texture 
  • 12-ounce bottles 
  • Almond and lemon scent 


  • Promises protection from stains and fingerprints 
  • Repels static building 
  • Improves the natural appearance of the wood 
  • Revitalizes the wood 
  • Adds gloss 
  • Less is more 


  • It can be only used on wood surfaces that have oil finishing 

5. Howard Products Wood Polish & Conditioner

In particular, we are talking about the Feed-N-Wax, which is designed to polish the furniture and protect the wooden furniture surfaces from static, fingerprints, and other smudges. The polish is formulated with beeswax and semi-solid carnauba, which has the integration of orange and mineral oil. This formulation makes it suitable for unfinished wood to prevent deterioration of the finish, fading, and cracking. 

The polish promises a satin gloss that tends to enhance the grain’s depth. The bottle has 16-ounce size, and you can easily squirt some polish on the cloth and use it to buff the furniture surface. The furniture polish leaves a luxe shine on the antique furniture as it can enhance the natural wood grain. It has a thick and waxy texture, which means you can use a little amount on your entire furniture piece. 


  • Waxy formula 
  • Semi-solid texture 
  • An orange and citrusy scent 
  • 16-ounce can 


  • Leaves behind a soft shine 
  • Adds protecting coatings 
  • Clears static buildup 
  • Improves the natural appearance of wood 
  • Pleasant scent 
  • Suitable for antique furniture 


  • Texture makes it challenging to squeeze it out 

6. Parker & Bailey Furniture Cream 16oz

If you have antique furniture that needs some cleaning and shine, you can depend on this furniture cream designed by Parker & Bailey. It has a 16-ounce can, which is perfect for cleaning, polishing, and conditioning the wooden furniture, such as pianos, paneling, mantels, woodwork, and doors. The furniture cream is incredibly convenient to apply and brings out the natural wood grain. 

It can gently remove the dust, fingerprints, dirt, and static charge to rejuvenate the wooden surfaces. The furniture cream can be easily applied in the nooks and crannies of the furniture, accrediting to the creamy texture. It can be used on furniture as well as other woodwork pieces. The cream has delicate texture that protects the surface of the furniture. 

The furniture cream is popular for the mild lemon scent, which has a musty infusion – it seems rather refreshing. On top of everything, it doesn’t leave behind any oily residues, so you can enjoy the sheen. 


  • Emulsion formula 
  • Liquid and creamy texture 
  • Lemon and musky scent 
  • 16-ounce can 


  • Doesn’t leave behind any oily residues 
  • Easier dispensing 
  • Convenient spread 
  • Amazing scent 
  • Clears static, dust, dirt, and smudges 
  • Goes into tight and intricate details of furniture 


  • None 

7. Weiman Wood Cleaner and Furniture Polish Spray 

Ranging from furniture cleaning to polishing, this spray offers everything you need to enhance the appearance of your furniture by removing the residues, soil, and dirt while restoring the wooden grain.

The spray is known for an emulsion formula which promises a layer that repels static buildup, grime, dirt, and watermarks. It can be used for every wood surface, except the wooden flooring. 

The polish spray is known for an appealing almond scent with a semi-viscous texture. This means that the spray won’t come off.

When you order this polish spray, you will get a microfiber cloth that helps remove dirt without leaving behind any lint. However, you need to remember that it’s a bit oily, but it can be fixed by proper buffing and using a minimal spray. 


  • Liquid texture
  • Emulsion and oily formula 
  • Almond scent  
  • Adds a protective layer to the furniture 


  • Promises protection from grime, watermarks, static, and dirt 
  • Masks the scratches 
  • Suitable for every wooden surface, except the flooring 
  • Has a microfiber cloth 


  • It cannot be used on the floor 

8. CARGEN 3 PCS Wood Seasoning Beewax 

As the name suggests, it is made from 100% natural beeswax, which does a great job at polishing the wooden surfaces and helps clean the wooden surfaces. The best thing about this wood seasoning is that it adds a protective finish to the furniture that repels static, stains, odors, and moisture. It can be used on unfinished as well as finished wooden surfaces. 

The wood seasoning is launched with a sponge applicator that promises even application of wax on the furniture. It can easily remove surface dirt and leaves behind some wax that can be easily buffed. It is recommended that you apply it in thin layers to make sure the sheen comes out better. All in all, it leaves behind a matte finish. 


  • Wax formulation 
  • Semi-solid texture 
  • Natural beeswax scent 


  • Suitable for unfinished, finished, and painted wooden surfaces 
  • Convenient to use 
  • Natural formulation 
  • Promises a protective finish 
  • Removes dirt 
  • Matte finish 


  • Challenging to apply 
  • Needs buffing to remove excess wax 

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

Can Furniture Polish Attract Grime And Dust?

No, the high-quality furniture polish will never attract grime and dust. Instead, it cleans the dust and leaves a protective finish to prevent dust buildup. 

Why Does The Furniture Get So Dusty?

Since furniture is kept in one place, it tends to collect dust. In addition, insufficient ventilation can also result in dust buildup, so keep a check on the AC vents. 

Which Is The Best Polish For Wood?

You have to choose the polish according to the type of wood you need to polish. For instance, waxes and oil-based polishes are recommended for semi-finished and raw wood, while emulsion polish is suitable for finished wood. 

Is There Wax In Furniture Polish?

Yes, some furniture polishes have wax, and if that’s the case, the polish will be labeled as wax-based polish. Such furniture polish has a semi-solid texture and has to be applied with a microfiber cloth or sponge applicator. 

The Bottom Line 

So, this is the list of best anti-static furniture polish that enhances the appearance of furniture while cleaning off the dust.

Keep in mind that all of them can repel static, but you have to be particular about the wooden surface because some polishes aren’t suitable for porous surfaces and can make the furniture dull. So, which of these polishes will you choose? 

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