How to Anti Static Yourself

How to Anti Static Yourself and How to Prevent Static Build Up?

The Dangers of Static on Your Body Static is produced due to friction. As surfaces rub against each other, it causes a transfer of electrons which can result in the accumulation of charges on objects, at times even on your own body! From your hair down to your socks, you have the potential to be […]

How to Use an Anti Static Valved Holding Chamber

How to Use an Anti Static Valved Holding Chamber?

A lot of individuals with asthma require the use of medication to control and relieve their symptoms. These can be bronchodilators to relieve shortness of breath or corticosteroids to reduce inflammation. This medication is usually administered in an inhalable form so that it acts quickly and directly on the respiratory system.  You may have seen […]

How to Clean an Anti Static Valved Holding Chamber

How to Clean an Anti Static Valved Holding Chamber?

Some people make it look simple, but using an inhaler properly can be quite tricky. You need to make a good seal with your mouthpiece while ensuring good coordination at the same time, pressing down and inhaling at just the right moment. Here is a related article that might intrest you on How to Use […]

How to Use a Zerostat Anti Static Gun

How to Use a Zerostat Anti Static Gun?

Static discharge can be a nuisance at best and a downright threat at its worst in certain settings. Fortunately, there are many tools and techniques that we can use to prevent static build up and facilitate safe discharge. One of the more unique solutions is to use an anti static “gun”. These are interesting and […]

How to Ground Yourself without Anti Static Wrist Strap

How to Ground Yourself without Anti Static Wrist Strap?

If you have watched tutorials on computer assembly and fixing, you may have noticed that some of those individuals are wearing some kind of strap or bracelet on their wrist. That is not just a simple accessory meant for aesthetics- it is often an anti static wrist strap! Static discharge is a big problem during […]

Is Anti Static Bubble Wrap Necessary

Is Anti Static Bubble Wrap Necessary? What Are The Alternatives?

I know it’s hard to imagine, but bubble wrap definitely serves much more purpose than just being a very, very entertaining pastime! Aside from being poppable, bubble wrap is extremely useful and oftentimes necessary in certain settings, especially when it comes to storage and transportation of sensitive items. You may be surprised to hear this, […]

Wash Anti Static Coats

How Do You Wash Anti Static Coats?

If you have been associated with any kind of manufacturing industry, you may be familiar with the concept of anti static workwear. Taking appropriate measures to prevent the buildup and unceremonious discharge of static electricity in work settings is extremely important in certain industries and workplaces.  This is especially true for workplaces that deal with […]

Does Paper In ESD Area Pose A Risk

Does Paper In ESD Area Pose A Risk?

Electrostatic discharge is one of the most frequently overlooked nuisances in any given setting. In fact, it is an extremely important factor to consider in commercial settings where ESD can be much more than a simple nuisance- a serious hazard. Due to friction, a lot of surfaces in the workplace and other settings can acquire […]

Is Electrostatic Spraying Safe

Is Electrostatic Spraying Safe? Let’s Find Out

Nowadays, it is possible for you to hire commercial services that perform electrostatic praying or electrostatic disinfection for you. The process utilizes a specialized tool to spray objects and surfaces with an even layer of solution. What is Electrostatic Spraying? As the solution particles are released from the nozzle, they acquire a negative charge. These […]

How Does Anti-Static Tape Work

How Does Anti-Static Tape Work?

Working with electricity and related appliances can be pretty rewarding, but it comes with its fair share of dangers, especially in the form of electrostatic damages. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that static is a constant concern for people working in the electrical fields, ranging from warehousing to manufacturing and more. For this reason, […]