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We have talked in detail about several products that are employed in personal and professional capacities because of their static countering capabilities. Some of these include the likes of anti static brushes and anti static flooring.

You can visit these blog posts if you would like to learn more about these tools. Similar to these, you have more products that you can use to take advantage of anti-static properties.

Today, I will be talking about dust collection hoses that are specially built with anti-static properties. We will explore how these can prove to be useful across several fields and applications, as well as which one is the ideal one for you to purchase.

Anti Static Dust Collection Hose

What is a Dust Collection Hose?

what is Anti Static Dust Collection Hose

Ventilation and thorough ducting is extremely important to ensure the air quality of any given space, whether it is industrial or personal.

Dust collection hoses are tubes or ducts that can be connected to a mechanical or electrical source that collects and removes dust and other minute particles from the air.

These ducts can be constructed out of a wide variety of materials. The purpose is to make the duct capable of withstanding pressure and time, as well as offer flexibility so that it can be molded and adjusted based on the space it is being installed in.

What is an Anti Static Dust Collection Hose?

Anti-static dust collection hoses look the same and perform the same function as regular dust collection hoses. The only difference is that the former has anti-static properties that enable the ducts to prevent the buildup of static charge.

Why Would I Need to Use an Anti Static Dust Collection Hose?

Use an Anti Static Dust Collection Hose

Dust ducting is extremely critical in many industrial settings. This is the process in which dust collection hoses are installed in an environment to facilitate the effective removal of all kinds of dust and fine powders.

Dust collection hoses, in general, are commonly used in the likes of woodworking plants, agricultural setups, and other industrial settings where dust is produced and released into the environment in significant quantities.

But that is not the only application. Dust collection hoses can also be employed in homes and personal spaces. It is a popular choice for people who are living with family members or themselves who suffer from dust allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems.

Inhalation of dust can prove to be detrimental to the health of sensitive individuals which is why taking such precautions is extremely beneficial in the short and the long run.

But why exactly do you need an anti-static dust collection hose? When it comes to things like dust collection, static electricity is always going to be one of the most major concerns. This is because when the dust particles rub against the inside surface of the tubing system, they create friction.

Charges are produced because of displaced electrons which ultimately manifest as electrostatic energy. This energy can build up to enough magnitude that it can become a serious hazard, especially if the surrounding space contains sensitive electronics and equipment or flammable material.

That is why anti-static dust collection tools are so important. They ensure that you do not experience any of the negative effects of accumulating static charge while continuing to use dust collecting ducts.

How Does an Anti Static Dust Collection Hose Work?

 Dust Collection Hose Work

Now that you know how the static charge is produced within the dust collection hoses, it is easy to understand how the anti-static version of these ducts actually works.

There are either of two ways that you can go about countering static charge- either quickly discharge it as soon as it accumulates on the surface or prevent it from collecting in the first place. The mechanism the hose uses to exert its anti-static effect depends on the type of hose you are using.

What gives the hose its anti-static properties is typically a special material incorporated into its substance that facilitates either the dissipation of the charges or the prevention of the formation of the charges to begin with. In many cases, you will find that your anti-static hose is impregnated with carbon black, a material that assists in making the tubing anti-static.

What are the Types of Anti Static Dust Collection Hoses?

As I mentioned in the previous section, there are two types of anti-static dust collection hoses depending on how the tubing deals with the static energy:

Static Dissipative Hose

Static dissipative hoses essentially ‘dissipate’ the static charges slowly over the surface by grounding them in a more controlled manner so that hazards may be prevented.

They are typically made using a flexible and sturdy rubber material. This kind of hose is frequently seen being used in woodworking and furniture plants, pharmaceuticals, vacuum cleaners, homes, as well as spaces dealing with food-grade material.

Static Conductive Hose

Static conductive hoses are designed to swiftly move the static charges towards the ends of the ducts. In this way, the material effectively ‘conducts’ the charge and prevents it from accumulating in magnitudes that warrant unwanted accidents in sensitivity settings.

These hoses are commonly seen being used to clean powders, concrete, buses, as well as for general vacuuming and ventilation purposes.

How Do I Select an Anti Static Dust Collection Hose for Myself?

The kind of dust collection tubing you opt for greatly depends on the environment where you plan on placing it. However, generally speaking, you need to consider factors such as the length, diameter, material, and flexibility of the ducting system when making the decision.

You could also consider investing in a clear dust collection pipe as opposed to an opaque one as the former are easier to clean and unblock as you can pinpoint the exact area of blockage.

What are the Best Anti Static Dust Collection Hoses to Get?

If you have been searching for some reliable sources from where to get some dust collection hoses for your home or workplace, we have compiled a small but precise list of some of the best in the business.

These have been used by hundreds of individuals overtime who attest to the quality and performance of these anti-static products. Let’s take a look at some of the best anti-static dust collection hoses available for purchase:

1. Rockler Anti Static Dust Hose

Rockler produces extremely high-quality dust collection pipes that are built with anti-static properties thanks to carbon black.

The pipe itself is made of flexible, plastic material that gives you plenty of leeway and wiggle room to accommodate.

This is a static dissipative type of collection hose that is quite effective at remedying the static accumulation problem.

2. POWERTEC 70111 PVC Dust Collection Hose

One of the most popular and widely acclaimed options, POWERTEC has made a name for itself when it comes to anti-static dust collection hoses that are not only safe and flexible but highly efficient at what they have been designed to do.

Not to mention, the ducting is priced at a very competitive rate that makes it a super affordable option. The pipe is made using a PVC material that is transparent, allowing you to take a look at the inner condition of the tubing at all times as well.

3. Flexaust FlexStat 80

Flexaust is another trusted name in the world of anti-static dust collection hoses and it is quite obvious why. They produce a wide variety of similar products, each with its own unique specifications which are best suited for different applications.

The FlexStat 80 is one example- a heavyweight, abrasion-resistant, static dissipative collection hose made with thermoplastic polyurethane.

It is equipped with an external ABS helix that is paired with a copper grounding wire.

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