Is Electrostatic Spraying Effective? Should I Do It?




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It has been over a year since the world started to learn how to live differently because of COVID-19. If anything, recent times have highlighted just how important cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization are to ensure the health of yourself and others around you.

One of the most critical and effective things you can do as a business owner is to employ some method of widespread disinfection to keep your and your employees’ area of operation as safe as possible.

Electrostatic Spraying Effective

Among your options is something known as electrostatic spraying. In this article, we will talk more about what electrostatic spraying is and whether or not it is a good option for you. We have talked about similar technology before. You can read all about electrostatic fogging over here.

What is Electrostatic Spraying?

Electrostatic Spraying

Electrostatic spraying is the process of using special sprayer technology to perform sanitisation of an area with the help of a disinfection solution.

The sprayer typically has a charged electrode within the nozzle that deploys a charge on the incoming particles of the disinfectant solution.

The solution is then sprayed out in a dispersed stream through the nozzle of the machine. It is a similar technique to the one employed for painting cars.

How Does Electrostatic Spraying Work?

Electrostatic Spraying Work

As I mentioned in the previous section, electrostatic spraying is basically a technology. The main work is done by the disinfectant itself.

The spray itself is equipped with the technology to impart a positive charge on the stream of disinfectant it produces from its nozzle. Since the disinfecting solution is positively charged, it tends to strongly stick to any surface that it is sprayed on. 

In addition to that, the sprayer is able to give the solution the reach it wouldn’t otherwise have. The spray creates a very dispersed stream of the solution that distributes the disinfecting particles far and wide, spreading a thin film evenly out onto the larger surfaces as well as the smaller nooks and crannies that often go untouched and unsanitized with other disinfecting technologies.

Why is Electrostatic Spraying Important?

Why is Electrostatic Spraying Important

Electrostatic spraying enables you to ensure that your workplace or home setting is safe and secure. This issue has become particularly relevant in the past year or so.

When it comes to your workplace, as an employer, it is part of your responsibility to ensure the safety of your workers. Not only is this important from a humanity and liability perspective, but also for the sake of productivity around your workplace.

Your employees will grow to trust you and decreased instances of illnesses keep your business running smoothly for long periods of time without any disruptions.

Is Electrostatic Spraying Effective?

Electrostatic Spraying Effective

Electrostatic spraying is arguably one of the most effective ways of disinfecting any given setting. The reason why this method is so effective is because of the way it works.

Like we discussed before, the equipment produces an ionized stream of disinfectant that is able to strongly adhere to surfaces in the form of a thin, evenly spread layer.

The disinfectant also reaches far and wide, penetrating into the deeper corners that are often the breeding grounds for microorganisms but go untouched during manual cleaning because of human error and limitations of accessibility.

For example, think about the little space between your desk and the wall. Or maybe the curves and indentations on your chair. These spots remain unclean even after the most thorough manual cleaning session. That is why electrostatic spraying is the best option for supreme protection against pathogens.

Does Electrostatic Spraying Work Against COVID-19?

Electrostatic Spraying Work Against COVID-19

Absolutely! The effectiveness of the spraying against specific microbes depends on the kind of disinfectant that is being used with the spraying technology.

But it is possible for you to use a disinfectant that has good effectiveness the COVID-19 virus among other microorganisms and pathogens so that you can keep yourself, your loved ones, or your employees protected in these unprecedented times and beyond.

Why is Electrostatic Spraying Better Than Other Techniques?

Electrostatic Spraying Better Than Other Techniques

Considering that there are many different techniques and technologies that can be used to sanitise spaces. In addition to being more effectively spread out and adherent, electrostatic disinfection is also superior over other methods because it takes less amount of time.

You do not need to empty and wall off your workspace for days on end, unlike other methods. The process can be done in a matter of a couple of hours. Its wide range of spread makes it great for larger areas and open-plan spaces as well.

Lastly, this entire process typically consumes a much less amount of disinfectant as it optimizes the material it uses, leaving very little gone to waste.

Where Can Electrostatic Spraying Be Used?

Where Can Electrostatic Spraying Be Used

Electrostatic spraying is usually employed in business places, work spaces, and areas where traffic tends to be high.

If you are in a business that involves a lot of equipment touching, then electrostatic spraying is a great option.

Some of the places where electrostatic spraying and disinfection is commonly employed include the likes of schools, offices, gyms, restaurants (especially the kitchens), public transportation like trains and buses, and healthcare centers including clinics and hospitals. 

Should I Do Electrostatic Spraying for My Place?

Should I Do Electrostatic Spraying for My Place

So at the end of it all, I would say yes: it is absolutely worth it to get your place electronically sprayed with disinfectant.

In fact, I would highly recommend it as it has a lot of major advantages that we have already discussed above. Is it safe to perform and makes your setting even more secure from a health perspective which is something all of us can benefit from in this day and age specifically.

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