Is Electrostatic Spraying Safe? Let’s Find Out




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Nowadays, it is possible for you to hire commercial services that perform electrostatic praying or electrostatic disinfection for you. The process utilizes a specialized tool to spray objects and surfaces with an even layer of solution.

What is Electrostatic Spraying?

As the solution particles are released from the nozzle, they acquire a negative charge. These negatively charged particles are attracted to and greatly adhere to the positively charged surfaces in the given space.

As a result, electrostatic spraying is extremely quick and one of the most effective ways to disinfect any setting. Additionally, it is also very helpful in reaching the nooks and crannies that are often inaccessible during manual cleaning.

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Is Electrostatic Spraying Safe for Me?

Considering the sheer benefits of electrostatic spraying, it often surprises me how wary people are of it. One of the main reasons behind people avoiding it is that they are not entirely sure if it is safe for them. Well, I am here to clear the confusion for you.

Electrostatic spraying and electrostatic disinfection are completely safe. The solutions and tools used by these companies are designed in a way so that the operators as well as the clients and their belongings do not incur any damage. The purpose is to provide adequate cleaning and disinfection only.

As a general principle, individuals are asked to avoid the sprayed area for a couple of hours after the treatment to make sure there is no discomfort. Once the solution dries out completely, you can start using the space just like you normally do. It is completely safe for individuals of all ages as well animals. So there is no need to worry!

Is Electrostatic Spraying Safe for the Environment?

It is also important to consider whether the products you are using are damaging to the environment. Thankfully, most companies use spraying and disinfecting solutions that are safe for the environment and mostly benign.

To make sure just in case, simply go through the company’s details and products before you actually hire them for disinfection. Most products are environmentally friendly and as green as they can be.

Is Electrostatic Spraying Safe for Surfaces?

Another concern you may have is how electrostatic spraying can impact the surfaces around your facility or location. Generally speaking, electrostatic spraying will not have a major impact on the quality or integrity of most surfaces around your place, including wooden surfaces as well as electronic equipment. 

Most fabrics and upholstery will also be safe during and after disinfection as the spray mist is largely unharmful. These surfaces would only really sustain significant damage if the solution was applied directly which is not the case in electrostatic spraying.

There are, however, some surfaces and materials that can be damaged by electrostatic spraying. For example, certain clothing and paper materials must be stowed away before the process. We will go over these precautions in a later section.

Is My Location or Facility Safe to Get Sprayed?

Most, if not all, spaces can be safely sprayed with antistatic disinfectant. In fact, it is encouraged for public spaces in particular to use this beneficial tool. From schools and offices to hospitals and kitchens, electrostatic disinfection and spraying is completely safe and suitable to perform.

You can also get it done in your home if you would like. It is a great way to keep your spaces clean, disinfected, and as safe as possible.

Are There Any Precautions to Take When Using Electrostatic Spraying?

There are not many precautions that must be taken unless you are in the room when it is being sprayed. Typically, only the professional electrostatic sprayer or fogger will be in the room and they will be wearing the necessary personal protective equipment.

Depending on which product the company uses, you may need to wipe down the residue after a set period of time. You will be informed if that is the case or you can ask the pros. If you handle the disinfectant yourself at any time, make sure you properly wash your hands with soap and water afterward.

How to Prepare for Electrostatic Spraying?

Yes. There are certain things that you need to take care of before you actually get the spraying done. As I mentioned before, certain materials need to be stowed away before the spraying takes place. Removing them beforehand will save you and the team a lot of time and hassle. Here are a few things to consider before the process:

  • Remove paper items and clothing from the area that is to be sprayed.
  • Make sure that all edible items are stored somewhere closed and covered from the spray.
  • Keep the area as free of clutter as possible.
  • Ensure that most of the wall and the floor surface is uncovered so that it can be disinfected. For this purpose, try to remove mats and wall hangings/decorations beforehand.

Quick, Effective, Safe: Electrostatic Spraying is the Way to Go

At the end of the day, especially considering everything we have experienced with the pandemic, you want to be as safe and healthy as possible at all times.

Electrostatic spraying is one of the most efficient and effective ways to do so in addition to being an extremely safe and eco-friendly option. I definitely recommend going for it as it is cost-effective in the long run as well, particularly for public and commercial spaces.

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