Best 7 ESD Shoes And Boots For Ladies In 2023




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The regular flooring has insulation, which simply means that it cannot be grounded. Similarly, the static charges can develop on the surface, so when someone walks on these floors, the static charge is transferred to them. In addition, women who work with electronic assemblies are more exposed to ESD (uncontrolled electrostatic discharges). 

Best ESD Shoes And Boots For Ladies Reviews

For this reason, well-designed ESD shoes and boots are essential for women who work in electrical environments to stay protected from electrocution as it prevents the static charges from developing. In addition, these shoes help direct the static charge to the ground, which helps dissipate them as you walk across the floor.

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On the other hand, it’s usually challenging for women to find the right ESD shoes because the ESD shoe market is intended for men. However, we have done the hard work of finding the best ESD shoes and boots for ladies, so are you ready to review and shop?

List Of 7 Best ESD Shoes And Boots For Ladies Reviews

1. Timberland Pro Shoes: Women’s A1S66

Designed in pink and black colors, these PowerTrain shoes are designed to provide exceptional electrical hazard safety to the wearer and help with electrostatic dissipation. It has alloy safety caps that promise utmost protection while you move on the electrocuted floors. The shoes have an athletic and modern style without compromising on safety and protection. 

The alloy toe caps are designed to provide reliable and lightweight protection to the toes while the PowerTrain design promises protection around the open circuits. In addition, the electrostatic dissipation prevents the electrostatic buildup. There are black nylon uppers with rose gold print, which promises aesthetics and utmost comfort. 

There is a mesh lining with antimicrobial treatment to prevent and fix odors in the shoes. In addition, they have a special anti-fatigue technology and slip-resistant outsoles to keep you comfortable. On top of everything, the outsoles are abrasion and oil-resistant, while the polyurethane material promises utmost flexibility. These shoes are constructed with cement construction that improves flexibility and enhances the heat resistance to over 248 degrees Fahrenheit. 


  • Fiberglass shank 
  • Cement construction 
  • Cordura or nylon upper soles 
  • Polyurethane material in soles 


  • Athletic design 
  • ESD configuration 
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Top-notch protection around open circuits 
  • Prevents odor 
  • Comfortable 


  • Not waterproof 

2. Puma Safety 642855 Women’s ESD Shoes

Puma is a well-known name in the industry and they have designed these ESD shoes with toe protection and protection from electrostatic discharges. These steel-toe shoes have been crafted for women who need an exceptional and reliable pair of ESD shoes. These shoes meet and exceed the ASTM testing standards. 

The shoes have been designed in black and carbon gray color, which look pretty classic. The upper has an all-leather design while the shoes promise high-end shock absorption and arch support to keep you protected. In addition to providing an anti-static experience, these shoes have a heat-resistant design that has cushioning in the heel areas to ease your walking experience. 

The advanced cushioning system of the shoes includes gel pads that help with shock absorption, so women can be on their toes all day long without their shoes holding them back. The shoes have BreathActive material lining for utmost comfort and breathability.

The shoe soles are made from rubber and have a torsion control system for easier walking. These are ESD-rated shoes and have a high heat resistance of 572 degrees Celsius (it’s exceptional). 


  • 5 to 10 sizes are available 
  • Cement construction 
  • Padded heels 
  • Toe bumper 
  • Leather design 
  • The smooth and minimal tread pattern 


  • ESD rated
  • Exceptional heat resistance 
  • Athletic design 
  • Flexible 
  • Comfortable 
  • Torsion control 
  • Higher shock absorption 


  • The leather isn’t durable 

3. Timberland PRO Shoes: Women’s 87528 Newbury ESD Shoes

Known for the slip-on design, these ESD shoes by Timberland are particularly designed for women who have to work in electrical environments without compromising on their ease. These ESD shoes are designed with slip-resistance features and there are alloy safety toes to keep the feet protected from injuries. Timberland has used lightweight alloy to make sure ease of wearing and to prevent weighing down on the feet. 

The toe caps have an asymmetrical shape that meets the C/75, I/75, and ASTM F2412-11 safety standards. The shoes’ footbeds are constructed from high-end and non-conductive polyurethane that delivers exceptional protection to electrostatic discharges. In addition, the polyurethane outsoles have a low profile, promising exceptional resistance to slipping. Moreover, the outsoles are resistant to oil, so you won’t slip. 

The shoes have been integrated with the PowerFit Comfort System that provides top-notch support, so you walk and work all day long. As far as the construction is concerned, full-grain leather has been used that’s not only durable but is easier to maintain as well.

There is an anti-fatigue technology in the footbeds that help absorb shock and is made by leveraging cement construction to promise a flexible experience. Also, there are fiberglass shanks to deliver better support while microbial lining keeps the unpleasant odors at bay. 


  • Available in sizes ranging from 5.5 to 11 
  • Fiberglass shank 
  • Cement sole construction 
  • Polyurethane sole 


  • 30-day warranty for comfort 
  • Padded collar 
  • Lightweight and durable alloy toe cap 
  • Higher resistance to slipping 
  • Slip-on design 
  • Higher oil resistance 
  • Leather construction 


  • Lack of insulation 

4. Timberland Women’s TB0A1H1S 001 Alloy Toe ESD Shoes

If you have to run never-ending errands and have to work in an environment with potential ESD buildup, it’s recommended to use these alloy toe ESD shoes by Timberland. The shoes are designed with exceptional design, comfortable features, and durable constructions.

The shoes have been integrated with an anti-fatigue insole that promises extra cushioning to the feet. In addition, there are Ripstop nylon uppers in the shoes that enhance flexibility and durability. 

There are alloy safety toes that promise better protection during work since they are made from titan material. The shoes have been designed in black and lavender purple color and the company has used abrasion-resistant ink.

The special nylon construction promises flexible, breathable, and lightweight shoes. The shoes are extremely lightweight, promising easier and more comfortable walking all day long. 

On top of everything, the shoes have non-metallic shanks that add more support, while conductive polyurethane midsoles promise top-notch static dissipation.

In addition, there is a breathable mesh lining to promise ease from heating. The mesh lining is treated with anti-microbial technology that helps control odors, irrespective of how sweaty your feet are. Not to forget, the polyurethane soles balance low density and the inverted cone shape of the sole help relieve pressure. 


  • Traction for 10,000 or more steps 
  • Sizes ranging from 5.5 to 10,11 
  • PU soles 
  • Alloy safety toe 
  • Aggressive tread pattern 


  • Nylon uppers for durability 
  • Mesh lining for higher breathability 
  • Athletic design 
  • Higher ESD protection 
  • Odor control 
  • Higher resistance to chemicals and slipping 


  • Not comfortable for more than eight hours 

5. Puma Safety 642915 Women’s ESD Tennis Shoes

Puma has a special Safety range designed for women who need durable and ESD-rated tennis shoes, and these shoes are designed with an array of protective features.

Ranging from lightweight built to comfortable features, these shoes are designed to offer a convenient experience and look great. The shoes have an athletic design that’s comfortable and breathable. 

Made from protective knitted textile cloth upper, these shoes are designed to offer top-notch comfort and flexibility. The best thing about this material is that it adjusts to the foot for proper fitting. In addition, the upper has a non-metallic design, which aids in dissipating the static buildup.

Puma has added the steel toe cap that promises protection if you fall or bump into some machinery at the workplace. 

The shoes are designed with a motion rubber sole that has a torsion control system that promises a strong grip on slippery and wet surfaces. In addition, the soles are rugged to promise higher resistance from oil, slipping, and heat.

There is a TPU heel and toe for higher resistance to abrasion, while the cushioned heel promises exceptional support and comfort. Also, there is a sock liner available to promise better support and fitting – it also helps with foot fatigue. 


  • Sizes ranging from 5 to 10 
  • Rubber soles 
  • Steel safety toe 
  • Aggressive tread pattern 


  • Top-notch protection from ESD 
  • Handcrafted uppers 
  • Heat and oil resistance 
  • No chances of slipping 
  • Non-metallic hooks to prevent static charge dissipation 


  • Shoelaces aren’t durable as they start breaking 

6. Nautilus Shoes N1393 Women’s Work Shoes

Nautilus is a well-known name when it comes down to the shoe industry and they have designed these work shoes for women who work in electric-based environments. Made in steel grey colors, these shoes look great in a professional environment while the athletic style and neon pink accents look great.

The shoes have gray uppers made from flexible and high-end action leather that promises durability. In addition, the uppers are infused with nylon that promises comfort and a lightweight experience. 

The uppers are abrasion-resistant while the insoles have an anti-fatigue design that helps absorb pain. The soles are made from PU material to promise durability and the insoles can be removed for cleaning. In addition, there is a soft EVA foam on the shoes that promises comfortable walking.

The outsoles of the work shoes have oil resistance, so you don’t need to be worried about corrosive chemicals in the work area while the slip-resistant treat promises a better grip. 

The shoes have been integrated with steel toe caps that are certified for ASTM 2413-05 standards, promising protection from impact and compression. In addition, the shoes are rated for ESD protection, which means they can dissipate electrostatic charges, so you don’t get electrocuted. 


  • ASTM 2413-05 rating for toe caps 
  • ESD-rated 
  • Sizes ranging from 5 to 12 
  • Grey color with neon pink accents 
  • Fiberglass shanks 


  • Padded collars 
  • Removable insole for easier cleaning 
  • Higher resistance to slip
  • Aggressive treading pattern 
  • Rubber soles 
  • Non-metallic design 


  • Not suitable for women with wide toes 

7. Rockport Works Women’s RK600 ESD Shoes

If you have been looking for unique ESD shoes, these will fit the bill, given the loafer style. The shoes have been designed for women who work in casual work environments rather than in industrial departments.

The shoes have a steel toe cap to ensure exceptional protection to the feet – it will protect the toes against compression and impacts. 

These loafers by Rockport are designed with ESD protection, so you can work around the open circuits without any issue. In addition, the loafers are designed to prevent static charge buildup and have higher resistance to slipping and oil.

The sole is made from memory foam that promises ultimate cushioning for the feet, so you can work around without worrying about foot pain. 


  • Size ranging from 6 to 12 
  • Black color 
  • Rubber soles 
  • Cushioning 
  • Smooth-minimal tread 


  • Leather uppers
  • Oil-resistant 
  • Slip-resistant 
  • Slip-on design 
  • ESD rating 


  • The collar isn’t padded 

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

What do the ESD shoes stand for?

The ESD shoes are safety shoes that prevent the buildup of static charges in a body by dissipating them into the ground. These shoes are likely to have electrical resistance ranging from 0.1 to 100 MΩ. 

Is it suitable to wear ESD shoes?

Yes, you can wear the ESD shoes because anti-static features are added along with the regular features, so you can work without changing the footwear all day long. 

What is the lifespan of ESD shoes?

The lifespan depends on the quality and brand you choose for the ESD shoes. However, on average, they work for over two years. 

Is it possible to wear socks with ESD shoes?

Yes, you can wear socks with ESD shoes. However, it’s recommended that you wear ESD-rated socks to ensure better protection. 

The Bottom Line 

When it comes down to working in industrial-scale departments, women have a hard time protecting their feet from compression impacts and remain vulnerable to the ESD buildup. However, the shoes and boots mentioned in this article are handpicked to provide exceptional safety and protection without compromising on comfort, durability, and aesthetics. So, which one of these shoes will you select?

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