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There are many tools that have been designed specifically to save people like you and me from the effects of static electricity.

I have talked about some of these before on my blog, such as the anti static wrist band which can keep your electronic devices safe from ESD.

Today, I will be introducing you to a very handy and useful tool that you can incorporate into your everyday use to keep yourself safe from static shock: anti-static keychains.

Anti Static Keychain Work

The Nuisance of Static Charge

Static Electricity

There is no way around it- static charge is a persistent problem that is a nuisance at its best and a hazard at its worst.

This becomes especially true in the winter season when the air becomes dry and everything seems to be charged with several volts of shocking electricity that leaves you jarred every time you touch something with your hands.

But there is a way for you to save yourself from that unpleasant jolt of current every time you open your car door and the solution comes in the form of a keychain.

What is an Anti Static Keychain?

what Anti Static Keychain

An anti static keychain appears to be like any other keychain- it is an emblem that you can attach to your keys using a keyring and carry it anywhere with you. The difference is that these little devices can conveniently be used to discharge various surfaces and objects from static charge.

What are Anti Static Keychains Made Of?

Anti Static Keychains Made Of

Anti static keychains tend to be made of a metallic material. The reason why the body of the keychain is made of metal is that it is designed to conduct electricity.

The body of the keychain has to be able to conduct the static charge from various surfaces so it can be safely transported to the ground.

You will learn more about how anti static keychains work in the following section. For this reason, you will find that most anti static keychains are made of steel, chromium, or copper to allow them to maintain those conductive properties. 

How Does an Anti Static Keychain Work?

Anti Static Keychain Work

As I mentioned before, anti static keychains have a metallic component that allows them to conduct charges.

That component is involved in the mechanism of how anti-static keychains work. When you bring your keychain in contact with a charged surface, it will conduct the static charges from that object and safely transmit them to the ground without causing you to experience an electric shock-like you would otherwise.

How Do I Use an Anti Static Keychain?

Using your anti-static keychain is not complicated at all. All you need to do is bring your keychain in contact with the charged surface.
Keep the keychain in contact with the surface for a few seconds and you are good to go.

How Do I Know That My Car Has Been Discharged?

My Car Has Been Discharged

Now that you know how to use your anti-static keychain, the question remains: how will you know that your keychain has worked to remove the charge on the surface of your car, computer, or any other object? The way to know this is built into your anti-static keychain.

Most of the keychains come with a portion that displays a small lamp or bulb. Since anti static keychains do not have a battery, this lamp will only be powered and lit up when any kind of charge passes through it.

As soon as you touch your keychain to a charged surface, the current will be conducted and you will see the lamp light up, indicating that the discharge has been successful.

What Can I Use My Anti Static Keychain On?

While your device may be hanging from your car keys, the use of these keychains is not only limited to vehicles. You can also use it for other surfaces that may accumulate static charge, such as door handles, computers, elevators, clothes, or any other metallic surface that you are afraid may shock you.

Simply touch the keychain to the surface before using it to protect yourself from the zap of static electricity.

Can I Use My Anti Static Keychain on Specific Vehicles Only?

No, anti static keychains tend to be universal. This means that you can use your anti static keychain to discharge the surface of any car or vehicle. You do not have to only stick to one type of vehicle or car brand only.

How Do I Store My Anti Static Keychain?

Store My Anti Static Keychain

You can store your anti static keychain just as you would any other type of keychain. You can attach it to your keys and carry it anywhere with you in your pocket, hand, bag, or purse.

That is the purpose of having an anti-static tool attached to something you carry with you most places you go- the convenience. 

You can easily just pull out your keys to protect yourself from the annoying effects of static charge that can accumulate on any kind of surface. That is why it is made to be extremely lightweight as well.

So no, you do not have to worry about any special precautions or steps that you need to take when storing or stowing away your anti static keychain.

Which Anti Static Keychain Should I Get?

To help you out, I have compiled a brief list of some of the most reliable anti static keychains you can find online for purchase:

1. Unique Bargains Static Eliminator Car Keychain- Walmart

Image Source:

If you are looking for a relatively cheap and easy to avail keychain for your vehicle, then go for this option available at Walmart. You can find it at your local store or simply order it online.

The design of the keychain is simple and contemporary, with a plastic body that houses a copper conductor and an LED neon lamp to indicate its operation.

All you need to do is touch it to the charged surface and allow it to discharge it in a matter of a few seconds.

2. Sweet Home Deco Static Eliminator Keychains

With this option, you get four anti static keychains in one pack for a very reasonable price. The bullet shaped keychain is made with steep chrome, acrylic, and metal, complete with a copper conductor for fast discharge properties.

Each keychain has a different colored lamp to indicate effective discharge. They can be used to discharge any and all kinds of surfaces.

3. uxcell Anti Static Keychain

Uxcell is a brand that is known for making anti static keychains and keyrings. You will find a lot of stylistic variety in these products.

All of them are, however portable, lightweight, and effective in removing static charge from all kinds of surfaces, including the human body.

It can discharge surfaces within 0.2 to 3 seconds from the moment that you bring the tip of the keychain in contact with the surface in question.

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