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There are all kinds of anti-static products available in the market these days. These are designed to enable you to capitalize on the utter functionality and application that the phenomenon of static electricity has in daily life.

Not only that, but many of them also help to protect you from the potentially harmful effects of static charge buildup. Take anti-static furniture polish, for example.

You can read all about anti-static furniture polish right here. Today, I will be talking about how you can go about cleaning your anti-static duster.

Anti Static Duster

How to Clean Anti Static Duster?

How to Clean Anti Static Duster?

While the responsibility of a duster is to clean things around you, have you ever thought about cleaning the duster itself? If your duster is filled with dirt and dust, how can you expect it to spotlessly clean any surface you put it to?

That is why, I believed, that this point was so important to raise. Before you think about purchasing an anti-static duster, you should be aware of how to maintain it and keep it in optimum shape. It will only benefit you in the long run.

What is an Anti Static Duster?

clean Anti Static Duster

Accumulating dust is one of the most annoying things for any homeowner, especially if you are a neat freak. Particularly windy areas are especially prone to such an issue.

You wipe down the top of your dining table with a cloth and within the next few hours, there is a noticeable layer of dust covering the surface again, almost as if you never cleaned that day.

The anti static duster is designed to rid of problems like these. With fine bristles that are typically made of microfibers, these dusters generate their own static electricity and use it to strongly attract the negatively charged dust particles.

The attraction between the static charges ensures that all dust particles are picked up by the brush and that your surfaces are left absolutely and completely clean.

Another major benefit of anti static dusters is that they typically have a very peculiar, slim shape. This type of build allows you to fit them in narrow and unreachable spaces for a thorough cleaning all across your house.

What Can I Use an Anti Static Duster for?

What Can I Use an Anti Static Duster for

Like I already mentioned, the job of an anti static duster is to completely and safely remove dirt, dust, and other visible as well as microscopic particles from various surfaces.

However, some people may have the concern that using an object like a brush or duster with strong fibers may produce abrasions on sensitive surfaces.

If you are very meticulous about your possessions, such as expensive items like cars and furniture, then it is completely understandable that you may have some qualms and concerns about using an anti-static duster.

But let me tell you that it is completely and absolutely safe for you to use most anti static dusters on such sensitive surfaces. You can further put your concerns to rest by investing in an anti static duster that is manufactured by a trusted brand with good reviews.

Most anti static duster bristles are made of extremely soft fibers that not only pick up unwanted dust from all kinds of surfaces, but prevent any scratching, abrasion, or damage from being incurred to said surfaces. Thus, most anti-static dusters are safe to use on cars, furniture, and most other surfaces.

Why Do I Need to Clean My Anti Static Duster?

Why Do I Need to Clean My Anti Static Duster

The reason why you need to regularly clean your anti static duster is simple- everything needs maintenance to keep operating in optimum condition.

If you do not regularly clean your anti-static duster, it will continue to pile on unwanted particles and that accumulation will eventually start to tamper with the performance of the duster itself.

Eventually, your anti-static duster may fail to do the very job it was designed to do- dust. Hence, the best thing to do is look after your dusting instrument and occasionally clean it out using the proper methods and instructions.

How to Clean Your Anti Static Duster?

There are several different approaches that you can take when it comes to cleaning out your anti static duster. 

1. Shaking it Up

The first way is a simple mechanical cleaning. This is just a fancy way of saying ‘shake your duster’.

That is right- one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to clean your anti-static duster is by shaking it vigorously up and down with your hand to mechanically remove all the dust and dirt that may be physically lodged within the fibers of the brush.

Just make sure that you do the shaking outside of your home since you do not want the dust to resettle in places and on surfaces that you just cleaned.

2. Washing it Down

Duster wash

Another approach to take would be to wash it clean. For this method, you will need to get some soap and water.

Make sure to lightly warm the water beforehand for optimum cleaning. Add a little soap to the water and rinse your brush with the soapy, sudsy water until it is clean.

Run some clean water through the brush bristles to remove all of the soap and ensure that there is no residue left behind. Finally, you can either hang your brush in an open area or place it in a warm corner to dry. Avoid putting it in contact with or near things like fire and electrical equipment.

Are Anti Static Dusters Reusable?

Absolutely. Once you have cleaned out your anti static duster and dried it up, you can use it again on any given surface to remove unwanted dust particles. Its durability and reusability is what makes it such a worthwhile investment of a product.

You can continue to use it until you have completely worn it down! Just make sure to clean it regularly to prolong its life as well as improve its performance as a dust remover.

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