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Static electricity can be a downright nuisance. Unfortunately, it is a persistent problem that can plague anywhere and at any time, especially in the colder seasons.

You may even end up having to deal with ESD when you are cleaning your backyard with your leaf blower! That is why products like the anti-static wrist strap exist. You can learn more about anti-static steps from this article I previously wrote.

Echo Blower

Today, I will be telling you all about the trouble that static electricity causes with leaf and debris blowers. More importantly, I will give you a step by step guide on how you can install the anti static wire on your Echo Blower.

What is an Echo Blower?

what is Echo Blower

Echo is a manufacturing company that produces blowers. These blowers can be used for cleaning purposes.

Echo Blowers are often used as leaf blowers to remove debris and clean yards.

You will find heavy-duty Echo Blowers as well as lightweight blowers that are designed to be portable as they can be carried as a backpack.

They are a popular choice for many individuals as they are high performance and make little to no fuss as they are quite an operator friendly.

How Does Static Buildup Happen on the Echo Blower?

Buildup Happen on the Echo Blower

When you use the suction capabilities of your Echo Blower to remove dust and contaminants from various surfaces and spaces, it generates static charge.

This is because when the particles move within the tubing, they rub against the inner walls of the pipes.

This creates friction and results in the transfer of electrons which gives the surfaces a charge. Charges continue to accumulate over time and since they do not have the means to be discharged safely, they manifest as an electric shock upon spontaneous release.

This becomes an even word problem during the colder seasons. This is because in winter time, the air tends to be extremely dry since it loses moisture. This increases the friction between various surfaces and makes machines like the Echo Blower prone to generating static charge.

What is the Anti Static Wire in an Echo Blower?

The anti static wire is a metallic component that can be placed inside your Echo Blower to do what its name suggests- make the machine anti static. An anti static wire placed in your Echo Blower will prevent the buildup of static electricity that can potentially cause a lot of harm to your blower machine as well as to your person.

How Does the Anti Static Wire Work to Reduce Static Buildup?

The anti static wire serves to neutralize the electrostatic charge that builds up within the pipes of the system. It does so by providing the charge a safe means using which it discharges itself. As a result, the individual using the machine does not experience an electric shock since the charge is neutralized. 

Why Do I Need an Anti Static Wire for My Echo Blower?

Anti Static Wire for My Echo Blower

While the Echo Blower is a great product, there have been some complaints regarding the product. One of the most common complaints about the Echo Blower has been related to static discharge.

Some customers report that while they were using the Echo Blower machine, they experienced a static shock.

This, of course, can be quite jarring and uncomfortable, since you do not typically expect your appliances to give you electric shocks- not when there are so many ways to prevent it.

That is why the manufacturing company came up with a solution that fixes the issue of static discharge in these machines. Adding the anti static wire to your Echo Blower tubing saves you from the effects of static buildup.

The electric shock is pretty minor so for most people, it is nothing more than a minor shock. However, it has the potential to interfere with sensitive equipment. Not to mention, it also poses the risk of surrounding inflammable material being ignited due to the spark.

How to Install Anti Static Wire on Echo Blower

Install Anti Static Wire on Echo Blower

When it comes to installing the anti static wire on your Echo Blower, you should know how to do it on your own.

You should also have some knowledge about the basic maintenance of your Echo Blower so that you can service it and keep it up and running in optimum shape at all times.

The anti-static wire is installed into the Blower when you are statin up the blower pipes. Here is a simple step by step guide on how you can go about installing your blower pipes with the anti-static wire:

  • Grab your flexible pipe.
  • To both of its ends, assemble and attach the clamps with the cable guide loop on the elbow end.
  • Now is the time to attach your anti static wire to the blower’s pipes.
  • Place and route your anti static wire below the fan housing.
  • Clip the wire onto the throttle cable retaining clip.
  • Make sure that the anti static wire remains outside the below of the blower.
  • Now you can put the anti static wire inside the flexible pipe.
  • Ensure that the wire is not pulled too tight across the bend in the pipe. Keep the wire loose so that it has room to move.
  • Attach the flexible pipe to the elbow of the blower and tighten the joint with a clamp.
  • The throttle cable has to be placed along the outside portion of the elbow. To attach it, loosen the knob, align the handle notches with the tabs, and attach it to the swivel pipe.
  • Pass the anti static wire through the swivel pipe as well.
  • Attach the tighten the swivel pipe to the flex pipe with a clamp.
  • Clip the throttle cable into the throttle cable guide loop.
  • Tighten the knob in the ideal position for the handle for you.
  • Finally, you can attach the straight pipe to the swivel pipe. You can engage the locking channels by turning the swivel pipe clockwise. Try to be gentle with this process.

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