Is Electrostatic Fogging Safe And Useful?




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The applications of electrostatics are limitless. This simple principle, while proving to be a nuisance at times, has also provided us with plenty of effective solutions across the board.

I have talked about electrostatic disinfection before.
You can read more about that here.

Today, however, I will be talking about electrostatic fogging. If you find yourself scratching your head at that term, do not worry- we will cover everything, from what it is, how it works, and why it may be the best option for you.

Electrostatic Fogging

What is Electrostatic Fogging?

Electrostatic fogging comes under the umbrella of electrostatic spraying technology. It is a way to disperse a solution evenly and consistently in an environment so that all targeted surfaces are covered uniformly.

How Does Electrostatic Fogging Work?

Electrostatic Fogging Work

To understand how electrostatic fogging works in particular, think of how a fog works. A fog is basically when certain particles and moisture are suspended in the air.

Because of their size and weight, the particles are able to persist in the atmosphere for a considerable period of time. The same principle applies when we talk about electrostatic fogging.

You will typically have a device that will turn your solution, which tends to be a disinfecting solution in most cases, into a fog. The machine basically emits a very fine stream of the solution into the air so that the particles are evenly dispersed.

These are also known as Ultra Low Volume or ULV droplets. The size of the particles is extremely small as well, ranging from 2 to 5 microns. As a result of this, the particles of the solution deposit evenly across all the surfaces in the covered area.

What Kind of Pathogens Does Electrostatic Fogging Target?

With the help of electrostatic fogging, you can successfully eliminate most airborne as well as surface based pathogens. This is because the particles are able to uniformly cover all nooks and crannies in a given area as well as remain suspended in the environment for a period of time that makes the technique quite effective for disinfecting purposes.

Why Do You Need Electrostatic Fogging?

Need Electrostatic Fogging

This pandemic has made it quite obvious that safety comes first and foremost. As the owner of a workplace or any public space that is frequented by many people, it is your responsibility to prioritise their health and safety. One way to do that is by disinfecting the space.

Electrostatic fogging is a great option in this regard since it is quick and extremely effective at covering large spaces and complex surfaces. You can be confident about the nooks and crannies that you may have missed on manual disinfection. Regular disinfection and sanitisation of your space will help reduce the potential for pathogenic outbreaks.

What Areas Can I Get Fogged?

Most spaces can be fogged electrostatically. For example: offices, restaurants, hotels, and gyms. It can even be used in more sensitive areas such as hospitals, clinics, and food preparation areas. Fogging is also a commonly applied technique at educational institutions like schools and colleges.

What Kind of Disinfectant is Used for Electrostatic Fogging?

Get Fogged

The kind of disinfectant benign used for fogging depends on the manufacturer of the product or the company you are hiring for their fogging services. It is generally good practice to always ask what kind of disinfectant they are using and what its properties are.

As a general rule of thumb, you will want a solution that is non-toxic, non-irritant, and non-corrosive so that your staff and equipment are protected. In addition to that, water-based solutions are much more suitable for use.

Is Electrostatic Fogging Safe?

Absolutely. The goal of electrostatic fogging is to make your surfaces cleaner and your spaces safer from a health perspective. As long as you take some of the precautions mentioned below and use a trusted disinfectant solution, you have nothing to worry about.

Are There Any Precautions to Keep in Mind for Electrostatic Fogging?

Electrostatic Fogging

Yes, there are a few things you should be aware of if you are thinking about getting electrostatic fogging done in your space.

Remember that fogging must be done in an enclosed space and that the area will need to be isolated for some time.

During the fogging process, the space will have to be emptied out by the occupants and closed up to retain the fog. You may have to keep the area warded off for as much as two hours to allow the solution to be safely deposited over all the surfaces in the space.

Can Electrostatic Fogging Be Used for COVID-19?

That is one of the reasons why electrostatic fogging has become so important and relevant right now. It can absolutely be used to make your home or workplace safer than before. Using an electrostatic fogger, you can successfully clean and disinfect most surfaces in a given area without worrying about ineffective cleaning.

What is the Difference Between Electrostatic Misting and Electrostatic Fogging?

Misting and Electrostatic Fogging

Another way of spraying electrostatically is through misting. As opposed to electrostatic fogging, electrostatic misting results in the formation of relatively larger droplets.

The size of the article tends to range between 2 to 25 microns which is larger than those produced in fogging. Other than that, electrostatic misting is quite similar to fogging.

It is done in an enclosed space to cover all surfaces in a uniform layer of disinfectant solution. The particles remain suspended for a period of time to allow slow deposition.

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