Is Anti Static Bubble Wrap Necessary? What Are The Alternatives?




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I know it’s hard to imagine, but bubble wrap definitely serves much more purpose than just being a very, very entertaining pastime!

What is Anti Static Bubble Wrap

Aside from being poppable, bubble wrap is extremely useful and oftentimes necessary in certain settings, especially when it comes to storage and transportation of sensitive items.

You may be surprised to hear this, but we also have a variation of bubble wrap that is anti static! 

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In this guide, we will learn more about what anti static bubble wrap is, how necessary it is in different use cases, and whether there are any alternatives you can use in its place.

What is Anti Static Bubble Wrap?

Anti static bubble wrap is exactly what it sounds like- air bubble packaging that not only protects items from physical damage, but also saves them from static damage. Anti static bubble wrap has a very typical pink colour which is not just pretty, but also makes spotting anti static bubble wrap fairly easy.

What is Anti Static Bubble Wrap Made Of?

Anti static bubble wrap is typically composed of two layers of low density polyethylene. The material is slightly conductive in nature so that any object placed inside it is essentially wrapped within a shield- a Faraday Cage. 

How Does Anti Static Bubble Wrap Work?

The conductive material of the bubble wrap keeps the object protected from any kind of external electrical fields or discharge. Additionally, the wrap has two distinct sides which interact differently with water molecules in the environment. The internal hydrophobic side should be closest to the object surface. The outer hydrophilic side adheres to the moisture in the air.

What Products Can Anti Static Bubble Wrap Be Used With?

You can use anti static bubble wrap for just about anything. However, they are especially useful for transporting electronics such as televisions, computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. The wrapping will prevent static from damaging the contents of the package and dissipate the charges before you unpack.

Is Anti Static Bubble Wrap Necessary to Use?

In some cases, yes. If you are shipping or transporting electronic components, you are bound to use bubble wrap anyway for protection- so why not use anti static bubble wrap? As the object moves around in the packaging, there is definitely going to be a lot of static production which can damage the items if the charge travels through them. Anti static bubble wrap is a lightweight, protective packing material that resists punctures, offers great tensile strength, and is ideal for sensitive components.

Are There Any Alternatives to Anti Static Bubble Wrap?

If you fail to find anti static bubble wrap sheets or do not want to use them for any reason, here are some alternatives you can use:

Anti Static Bubble Wrap Bags

If you think using bubble wrap sheets for packaging is an inconvenience, you can opt for anti static bubble bags. These are self sealing pouches that are made from the same material as anti static bubble wrap sheets. You can also get anti static bubble wrap bags with zippers, tape seals, or open ends.

They come in several different sizes and are pretty cheap so you can select the ones that will fit your components. These are also pink to allow for easy distinguishing. 

Anti Static Packing Peanuts

These are just like your typical packing, styrofoam peanuts except they are pink and static free! They provide really good cushioning as they tend to fill out spaces better than wrapping sheets.

Anti Static Foam Sheets

Another packing option is for you to use anti static or conductive foam sheets. Typically made from polyurethane or polyethylene, these sheets are conductive and offer a similar effect as anti static bubble wrap.

Anti Static Foam Pouches

These are pink, puffy, foam pouches that come in a variety of sizes. These are polyethylene foam bags that are non-abrasive and static free, typically open-ended and used to store and transport items like circuit boards and sensitive electronic components.

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