How to Use an Anti Static Valved Holding Chamber?




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A lot of individuals with asthma require the use of medication to control and relieve their symptoms. These can be bronchodilators to relieve shortness of breath or corticosteroids to reduce inflammation. This medication is usually administered in an inhalable form so that it acts quickly and directly on the respiratory system. 

You may have seen someone use an inhaler before or maybe you use one yourself. Metered-dose inhalers can be a little bit difficult to use at times, especially for children. Some inhalers can spray the medicine as fast as 60 miles per hour.

It can definitely be very uncomfortable when the medicine hits your throat or mouth at that speed all of a sudden. That is why a lot of people use Valved Holding Chambers.

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In this article, we will learn what Anti Static Valved Holding Chambers are and how you can use them accurately.

What is a Valved Holding Chamber?

A Valved Holding Chamber is a variation of a spacer which can be attached to an inhaler. As suggested by the name of the device, it has a one-way valve on the mouthpiece which creates a space for your medicine to stay in as you take a deep breath to inhale it.

What is an Anti Static Valved Holding Chamber?

There are certain Valved Holding Chambers that are made with an anti static lining on the inside of the spacer. This ensures that there is no build up of unnecessary charges as you continue to spray medicine in the chamber and use it.

How Does an Anti Static Valved Holding Chamber Work?

With your medicine spaced out in a chamber as smaller droplets, it becomes easier to inhale all of it slowly. The presence of the one-way valve ensures that you do not exhale back into the spacer. The anti static feature is meant to increase the availability of the medicine within the chamber and ensure you inhale most of it, if not all. In spacers that are prone to static charge, the aerosolized particles of the medicine will stick to the walls of the container. The anti static walls, however, ensure that most of the particles remain suspended so you can breathe them in. 

Is it Necessary to Use the Anti Static Valved Holding Chamber with a Facemask?

Not necessarily! Facemasks are designed to make inhalation easier, especially for little kids. If you want, you can simply use the mouthpiece for this purpose.

How to Use an Anti Static Valved Holding Chamber?

Here are general instructions on how to use an anti static Valved Holding Chamber:

  1. Make sure the device is assembled correctly and is not damaged in any way.
  2. Grab the MDI and ensure you have the correct medication.
  3. Shake the MDI before use.
  4. Insert the mouthpiece of the MDI into the backpiece of the chamber. 
  5. Apply the facemask or mouthpiece of the anti static Valved Holding Chamber to your face/mouth. Make sure you seal it tightly so that the medicine does not escape.
  6. Press the inhaler to release the medication as you start a slow, deep inhale.
  7. Take 3-6 breaths before pressing the inhaler again for another puff of medication.
  8. Repeat the process for however many puffs as advised by your healthcare provider.

What Happens if I Do Not Correctly Use My Anti Static Valved Holding Chamber?

If you are unable to use the chamber correctly because of a bad seal or damaged components, you may experience non-alleviation of symptoms. This can prove to be very bad in acute conditions where you need quick relief. Therefore, good technique is absolutely necessary when using an anti static Valved Holding Chamber.

How Often Do I Need to Replace the Chamber?

This mostly depends on your use and the state of the device. If the device looks to be cracked or has any obvious damage, then replace it immediately. If you are unable to clean it properly after repeated use because of any kind of damage, then you should get a new one also. As a general principle, try to get a new chamber annually.

Which Brand Manufactures Anti Static Valved Holding Chambers?

There are many different brands that manufacture and provide Valved Holding Chambers with anti static features. AeroChamber (Plus and MAX) is one of the most popular brands to do so. It can be used by children as well as adults and comes with a mask as well as an inspiratory flow indicator. 

It definitely takes some practice to get it perfect but a Valved Holding Chamber makes things much easier for you. Additionally, an anti static Valved Holding Chamber ensures you are getting the proper amount of the dose you have been prescribed.

Here is a nice video explaining about How to Use an Anti Static Valved Holding Chamber?

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