How to Use a Zerostat Anti Static Gun?




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Static discharge can be a nuisance at best and a downright threat at its worst in certain settings. Fortunately, there are many tools and techniques that we can use to prevent static build up and facilitate safe discharge.

What is the Zerostat Anti Static Gun

One of the more unique solutions is to use an anti static “gun”. These are interesting and effective tools that are often used by experts in professional settings for static neutralisation. They may prove to be super helpful to you as well.

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In this guide, we will explore the usefulness of the Zerostat Anti Static Gun and how you should properly use it.

What is the Zerostat Anti Static Gun?

The Milty Zerostat Gun is a tool that has been designed to eliminate and reduce static charges from mostly insulating surfaces.

The plastic tool is shaped in the form of a gun with an easy to use trigger to make it convenient and straightforward.

How Does the Zerostat Anti Static Gun Work?

The Zerostat Anti Static Gun achieves its goal with the help of two piezo-electric crystal devices which operate in a cycle based on the compression and release provided by a trigger. When the trigger is deployed, a steady stream of positive ions is generated. As the trigger is released, negative ions are generated. 

As you point the gun at a surface and press the trigger, positive ions are released which attract the negative charges and dust particles towards them. When you release the trigger, the stream of negative ions leaves the surface with a positive charge so that it does not attract more dust/static.

What Can I Use the Zerostat Anti Static Gun On?

You may have seen electricians using such a tool as it is very helpful in those settings. Apart from working with electronic components, the Zerostat Gun is also very helpful when handling and cleaning vinyl records, CDs, and DVDs.

It keeps these surfaces dust free and prevents crackling. You can also use it for static neutralisation on various fabrics, scientific equipment, your work station, and even on home surfaces.

Does the Zerostat Anti Static Gun Leave Any Residue?

With a lot of anti static sprays, people complain that it leaves behind a sticky, unwanted residue on the surfaces that it is used to treat. That is not the case with the Zerostat Anti Static Gun. It doesn’t leave behind any kind of noticeable residue.

Do I Need Batteries to Operate the  Zerostat Anti Static Gun?

No! The gun does not need any batteries or electrical supply to operate. 

Is the Zerostat Anti Static Gun Safe to Use?

Absolutely! The Zerostat Gun does not contain any hazardous or radioactive components. It is also safe to use on most surfaces and will not cause any damage. Just be careful when using the tool around flammable or combustible gases.

How to Use a Zerostat Anti Static Gun?

It is extremely easy to use the Zerostat Anti Static Gun. Here are some simple instructions on how to operate the tool:

  1. Hold the Zerostat Gun within 12 inches or 30.5 centimetres of the surface or object you want to spray.
  2. Slowly squeeze down on the trigger for around two seconds. This will release a stream of positive ions.
  3. Now let the trigger go just as slowly so that negative ions are sprayed over the surface and the static is neutralised.
  4. Repeat the procedure over different parts of the surface.

How Long Does a  Zerostat Anti Static Gun Last?

One Zerostat Anti Static Gun can typically last you at least 10,000 squeeze cycles. Most of the time, they will persist for even longer.

Can I Fix My Zerostat Gun?

The Zerostat Anti Static Gun is designed to be a disposable tool. That means you simply use the plastic tool for as long as it is viable and then dispose of it. You can, however, periodically test your gun to ensure it is working properly.

The device comes with an ion indicator which you can insert into the gun. If the indicator glows red when you slowly press the trigger, it shows that ion flow is positive and the gun is working just fine.

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